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Game Vs. Cowboys: QB Tony Romo

On being able to "hang in" and win on the road: "Any time you come into a hostile environment or place like this, it's not going to be easy. I don't know how many games I've been a part of where you just come in and beat a team on the road, soundly, especially a team that good, so you know you are in for a long day, but if you keep the mental discipline and keep grinding it out, keep getting better, keep learning what they're doing, and you have the ability to, you can do some good things."

On whether the matchups and defensive scheme was the reason WR Roy Williams was more involved in tonight's game: "Whatever the defense dictates, that's where we're going to go with the ball, and I think if you watch enough of our games, you'll see that that predominantly happens. I'm happy for Roy, he's been working hard, he's been doing good things, and I think you guys got to see a little of what he's been doing. I think it was a great team effort and team win, and we're excited about where we're at right now.'

On his touchdown pass to WR Miles Austin: "I tried to give him a little pump on the play. I thought they had been jumping it a little bit throughout the game, so we went with it. I tried to sell the fake for a while, and they bit, a couple of guys went to it, and I just gave him the ball—and he did the rest."

On whether he was focused on managing the game well, knowing it was close: "I think any time you play against a team that sends that much at you, there's just turnovers waiting to happen if you let it, so you have to in some ways be conscious of the ball, and at the same point, you got to create big plays once in a while against them. That was our motto coming: 'we're going to protect the ball, but we may miss some stuff—and we did tonight, a couple of times—but we're also going to get them a few times.' And at the end of the day, you just want to have more good ones than bad."

On how much he has improved since his last game at Lincoln Financial Field: "Well, I think individually I've improved tremendously, just from all of the things I was able to take from last season, and not just that game (a 44-6 Philadelphia win, eliminating Dallas from playoff contention in Week 17), but you always look at yourself from an honest perspective and you have to say 'what do I have to improve upon?' And there were things I had to get better at to take another step, and I feel very confident in going about that process and coming along, and I've still got a ways to go. But nothing excites me more than seeing improvement, individually, and collectively, as a group. And I think that really gets me excited about the next day, tomorrow, trying to improve, trying to get this team better, me individually trying to figure out why I did something and then not making that mistake again and not doing that, and coming back better. To me, that's the most enjoyable part of sports, in general."

On whether tonight's victory was any redemption for last year's loss in Philadelphia: "It's funny because you go through so many different games over the course of your career, there's always going to be a game here or a game there you want back, but you can't look back, in my opinion. It's not something that we sat there and said: 'hey, we gotta make amends' for something, I mean, that was last year. That was their year, compared to ours. We're trying to make this year our year, and so far the process has been the right way with the guys with the commitment and level of intensity."

On how confident the Cowboys are right now:"We're going to watch tape and wish we had 10 other things and 15 mistakes we want back, but I think you have to keep improving. You can be a confident group and feel like you have a chance to win every Sunday you step on the field, and our team believes that. You know we don't ever go into a game being like: 'well, this one's going to be too tough probably, but we're going to try and give it the old college try.' You know, we step onto the field thinking we have a chance, and we really feel like if we play up to our potential we can come out with a win. At the same boat, we also know that we're far from perfect, you know, we've got a long way to go. And we're going to continue to grind it out and get better, and we'll look at this and we'll be able to fix some things, but it's nice to be able to get a win while you're still fixing."

On whether tonight's performance was a statement, as the rest of the NFC East struggled today: "Was this a big game? (jokingly) I don't know, we'll find out I'm sure this week. I think it was important for us because the team we played against has been successful this year and is in our division. It's important because when it's all said and done at the end of the year, I'm sure there will be lobbying for position, so in that sense, that will be important. We can't control what other teams do. We can only control what we do, control on our end, so we go out there and try to win each week, and see where the chips fall."

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