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Game Vs. Cowboys: QB Tony Romo

What do you think of today's performance? I think it's enjoyable definitely right now, obviously we have some history with the Eagles, it was very enjoyable and rewarding to practice this week and get ready for this game and come out and see it go the way we put it. Saying that we'll be right back to work tomorrow and next week we'll see a completely different team; they'll come out and I'll suspect every kind of pressure in the book, we'll have to come out with a new plan and we'll be ready for it.

How do you feel that your month went? I think it's just different things you're trying to assess why people are saying certain things but I've said it all along that it's about improvement. I think that for us it's been the process and for me it's been the process if you improve to get better and you continue to reach your potential, as an individual and as a unit. I think our unit is slowly starting to improve and I think that's the been whole process throughout this whole year and we're slowly on a steady climb and that's exciting to see.

How do you feel about finishing the season with a win? It's important to go out there and have a good feeling into the post season; does it mean if you cannot win if you don't have a good feeling? No because teams have done it but I do think it definitely adds something, you believe in yourself, you believe in each other I think it's a big part of this game.

About the past couple games: I don't always want to go back because we could do that all the time but I think for me it's just a process trying to improve, trying to get better; you're not always going to play your best in a game like today but you're always trying to but if you're always trying to grow and be the player you can be you'll have many opportunities in these games to perform at a high level.

On the history between Philadelphia and Dallas: Like I said there's some history between these two teams, the reason there's some history is because their good and hopefully we've been doing some decent things and that's what's made this rivalry and this game enjoyable for people and us included.

On the first couple drives: The longer you play the game you understand that the first couple of drives go along way in football games, they can set a tempo, set a rhythm. It's really important today against this ball club.

What changed before the Saints game to help you play the way you've played this month? The confidence stemmed from not a lot of people thought we had a chance at a victory, there hasn't been a lot of games we went into that that we felt oh, no chance; going into a game we felt like they were so much better than us we just, it's there game, it was almost going into it (the Saint's game) that it was a different feeling that if no one expects you to win, it was like well it's different. You can use that as motivation, you can use it as whatever, we just feel like we have a good chance when we step on the field, it takes the pressure off of you or whatever you want to say if you just go out and play and perform and if you're good enough to do it you do it if not then you won't and that's the reality of our sport.

On how well the team is performing going into the post season: It's the execution, I think we're not turning the ball over or giving the opposing team the football. I think throughout recent memory we've been going out to do that and I think we're consistent in moving the chains and we're not getting lucky breaks, we're just doing things the right way and over time that's just the consistency is what usually ends up winning out and that's what we been trying to do.

What does it do for the quarterback when you're defense is playing like yours is? On third down or different type of situations you don't have to try to fit it in between two holes because you're down 14 points and you're struggling defensively and you think they might score again, it takes a little bit of pressure off everybody. It goes both ways, when the defense is playing really well it takes pressure off the offense, when the offense is playing great it helps the defense, they get to stay off the field, everybody helps everybody. I think you're seeing a team that's trying to play good as a whole and it's helping everybody else and that's good that we're a team.

On playing the Eagles three times: I think it's tough to beat any team three times; they're going to know us, we're going to know them. After winning like we did today we're probably going to see a completely different team next week, obviously because I don't think they liked what they did today, that's why I suspect we're going to see every kind of blitz ever invented.

About this years playoff versus two years ago:With the question earlier, it gives you confidence going into the post season winning; I think that's why in recent we see some teams that do some good in the end and we see them go on to do some good in the end. In this game it's a lot about your confidence in how you're playing and your confidence in each other, sometimes you play against really good teams and the outcome you need to be playing at a certain level, I would like to think I've improved.

On how to prepare for the same team: I think there's always a give and take on what you're supposed to do and what you're supposed to call. They're going to blitz a lot, they're going to try to create turnovers, try to disrupt the flow of the offense.

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