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Game Vs. Cowboys: QB Donovan McNabb

On whether he felt like he had the yardage on the quarterback sneak on 4th down in the 4th quarter: "I did. I felt like half of my body was past the marker which I've seen. I landed on top of one of our guys and just slid and kept on moving. When you, I guess the question, you probably replay it, I guess you may have felt that I did get it. We thought we had the first down, but unfortunately I guess twice we didn't."

On whether he wonders how the officials did not give him the first down after watching the replay: "The way they spotted the ball, they made it look like I lost a yard. But again, I felt like I get the first down, but they had the final call and I guess went against."

On how the officiating impacted the game: "Well you try to get back, get back going again. I mean in that situation, obviously on 4th down, there's nothing you can do and you have to wait for your next opportunity and even on 3rd down with the catch by (RB) LeSean (McCoy), you know you'd like to get the next play and keep rolling, but obviously that didn't happen and they had to replay that, so it's tough, but still you have to get yourself on again every time."

On the Eagles' struggles in short yardage situations: "Well I mean we would have had the first down on that. I mean if I had the answer right now I mean we wouldn't have this problem, but I think we've answered on 3rd and short situations and we just have to third and medium we just have to elevate that part of the game

On whether he's frustrated by some of the calls tonight, in particular the quarterback sneak on 4th down: "It's frustrating, it's frustrating you know, just different plays in the game that you could have made and then when it comes down to a call like that obviously it's tough for any team to bounce back but still we had another opportunity to get back down there, try to put points on the board. So I'm still not going to make any excuses. There were opportunities in that game that we could (have) really blew it out of the water, but we didn't and credit to them."

On what type of execution it takes to come out on top in the 4th quarter of a tied game: "You have to eliminate mistakes. The telltale of that game was the shoestring tackle. All I saw was green grass and the defenders just did a great job of pealing off and just grabbing my foot when I thought I was going to pick up some big yards and that's kind of how the game went. It was just that close from it really being on our side of things."

On whether he felt like they had a big play lined up on the pass to RB LeSean McCoy when he stumbled: "There were plays in the game that could have propelled this thing to move in our direction and it was just something small like that. We're not going to sit and try to make any excuses (about) calls that were made or whatever. It was too many penalties. Too many miscues on my part, too many miscues by the offense, and we weren't able to help out our defense and they had been doing a great job all game."

On whether the two interceptions on passes to WR Jeremy Maclin are just things that are going to happen when you are throwing a lot to a rookie receiver: "It's an experience that we're all going through of just making sure everybody is on the same page. It's communicating on the sideline after the first one. Again, there were opportunities in that game where I could have connected with him or connected with (WR) DeSean (Jackson), but it goes back to that one play where I took a little air out of the ball because he got past the safety when I probably could have put more air under it to give him an opportunity and that's just communication between the both of us."

On why he thinks he only threw the ball to DeSean Jackson five times: "They were rolling coverage and double teaming DeSean. That's what teams are going to do. We faced it a little bit against Tampa, so he knows that's going to happen. We move him around and try to get him opportunities to get some catches. He had a great catch on the deep 18 or 20-yard reception. That's what we're going to do, move him around. That means everybody else has to elevate their game. The (TE) Brent Celeks, McCoys, (FB Leonard) Weavers, Maclins, we all have to elevate our game and get him out of that so we can get him more involved."

On getting a lot of pressure from the Cowboys defense and how that affected him physically: "Physically I'm fine. I think as an offense obviously we will discuss a lot of things this week that we want to iron out. We're playing against a team that is coming of a big win against the Giants and they pretty much don't care what happened tonight. We have to have short-term memory and just move on and be able to erase what happened tonight and hope it turns to something positive next week."

On the fact that it doesn't seem like this team is able to win when they are behind in the fourth quarter: "Well it's tough to win when you have a couple of calls where it's tough on you. We have won games in the fourth quarter. I know that's something that everyone is going to talk about, have fun with it I guess."

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