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Game Vs. Cowboys: QB Donovan McNabb

I take full blame for the fumble on the snap.

On what the Cowboys did to execute: The Cowboys' defense applied pressure; we had many opportunities that we did not capitalize on. A lot of mistakes were made. We had a lot on the line, but we have an opportunity to go home and watch film and to reexamine our mistakes and come back next weekend after understanding what we did wrong. The cowboys played well today, we will see them again next week and it will be a whole different game.

On being prepared for the game:We were prepared coming into the game, we had great practice, we just didn't play well today. Again, you have to take advantage of the opportunities and we were not able to do that today.

We showed our youth, we put ourselves in situations where everyone was looking around to see who the player was that was going to make the play. I think at this time everybody understands. All through out the year we have had guys to make big plays for us and today, it didn't happen.

On the effects of a 6-game winning streak: At times I feel like when you are at the top you some times have to get knocked back down to dust yourself back off and to get yourself back in order. We have been in situations where this has happened and I don't see this game any different. We know what we have to do. This season… We have to look at ourselves individually and find out what it is we need to do to make sure this does not happen again. It's good that this happened before play-offs so we can take a look at what we did wrong and move on.

Next week is a whole different ball game. Any play can be the next big play. Turnovers truly cost me. When you win the turnover battle you have a better chance at winning more games. We have to be able to do whatever it takes to win. It's always tough to beat a teams 3 times, and it's hard to see a teams 3 times. But I think we know each other pretty well and we are going to come here and do what we need to do next week.

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