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Game Vs. Cowboys: QB Donovan McNabb

On reading his critics and the revival of his game this season: "No. I've been kind of revived I guess. They've (critics) thrown me out, they ran over me, spit on me…but you know what…I just continue to prevail. I just continue to keep my chin high…stay positive, and just make sure that guys in this locker room understand that if given the opportunity…that we will take full advantage of it. Knowing that last week just wasn't us, and if anything worked in our favor, with all these scenarios, that I would not let them down."

On keeping his head up through all the adversity: "You know what…I think it's easier now, and I say that because I've been through those types of experiences for years. I think when you go through something for the first or second time; you don't know how to handle it. But me being apart of something like that, and it happens, over, and over, and over again…the way that I continue to show that it never affects me, is by just going out and doing my job."

On getting tired of hearing the negative talk: "We're human beings, you get tired of it, but you never let them see you sweat. And you never show that it bothers you because you kill them with kindness, and when you kill them with kindness and you go out and you do your job, people understand that it never really affects you."

On the range of emotions prior to the game, with a chance at a playoff berth: "You know what, I think of last week, and no matter what has happened we all have something to play for. And this week we play for pride and we play for each other. And we couldn't control anything that happened in Tampa, we couldn't control anything in Minnesota or the Houston/Chicago game…what we could control is what happened out there today, and you saw a team that was resilient, you saw a team that played with a lot of emotion…and once we got word that there was an opportunity, that the door was open, this team played with a lot of passion. Still knowing that we had our pride on the line, to come out here and defend what happened last week, and with this opportunity that was granted to us…to make sure we take full advantage of it."

On the challenges of the regular season: "I don't need any more motivation than what I get with each week. Because my job entitles to be up and down all throughout the year…you know, you get too much credit, you get too much blame. But at the quarterback position that's something you have to deal with, and I've been doing this thing now for 10 years, and knowing that these guys in the locker room know that I'm going to give all that I have every time I step out on that field…and I can look into their eyes and know that they're going to do the same for me…that's all I need. What happened all throughout the year, we can't control right now, because we're all 0-0 right now, but stepping into the playoffs, we're in a new realm, where anyone can win. The Giants got it done last year, there's no reason we can't do it now."

On the offensive rhythm in the 2nd quarter: "You know what…it's just like a basketball player. When you're a scorer and you may be a little off, you continue to keep shooting. You don't shy away from shots, you don't shy away from offense, you try to do your job at a high level, and you want the ball in your hands in crunch time, and knowing that…that game was still tight, I wanted that ball in my hands, and try to give these guys opportunities to make plays for me, and these guys really stepped up and challenged themselves to do better than what they did last week, and we were able to get the job done."

On being vocal towards the naysayers:"Well you know what…you don't win battles by trying to defend yourself with people who are on air, or with people who write…people who have the power of the pen, because no matter what I may say…they'll take little bits of what they want and put that in there. Now you'll get people who are watching, or people who read, to believe what it is that you want them to believe, so I don't play the game. I say what I need to say, and I say it from the heart always, and I get it out, and I move on. I can't control what's been said on TV or in the newspaper, but one thing I can control is what I feel."

On being vocal within the organization: "Absolutely, absolutely…they know when something else is on my mind. And it's important…that's just professionalism, if it's something on your mind…you go and share it with the people that need to hear it, and there has been a lot on my mind, and there will be something that is shared when the time comes. Everything that you talk about is based on timing, and we've shared a lot of different things, opened up with one another, and that's just being a professional."

On making the playoffs this year as opposed to years past:"You know what…the Lord works in mysterious ways. You know for people to just put us out for dead, road kill…for that door to just open up just one more time for us, you never want to give a team another opportunity, 'cause when that team gets in, it could be that team that you talk about that you don't want to play, and the way that we're feeling in this locker room we can be that team."

On appreciating this playoff berth: "Since y'all talked about me not being in the playoffs the last 4 years…I'm in…it's sweet, but you know what…I've got a job to do, and my job is to make sure that we're ready to go in Minnesota…playing against a tough team…one of our former coaches, and we just have to grab this opportunity, because this isn't just something that we're happy to be in, we want to stay in!"

On the surprise, if any, of making the playoffs: "Well you know what…again I try not to focus on that side of things, because if it happens, it happens, but we were going to be ready to play this game no matter what…if we were going to be the team to get in…or if we were going to be the spoiler. If we we're going to get in, then we we're going to let Dallas get in, and that's just me being here 10 years, I have a dislike for Dallas. So the fact that we had an opportunity, and we took full advantage of it, and now we have a foot in the door, so we want to make sure we bring the other foot along, and bring our family members in as well."

On his career and accolades: "You know what…you never get enough credit until you're gone, and I'm not looking for any credit right now, I'm just looking for this team…all 52 guys in this locker room to be ready to roll for next week, and if we continue to win, a positive outlook will be looked upon."

On the 59-yard play by RB Correll Buckhalter: "They did a good job of covering up the left running lanes, I was able to bide time. Buck did an excellent of job of just staying on the move, and I was able to get it over one of the defensive tackles arm, and Buck did an excellent job of just finishing the play. You just want to give guys an opportunity to make plays for you, and Buck did a wonderful job picking yards after the catch."

On facing Minnesota Head Coach Brad Childress:"Brad is a good friend of mine…we talk occasionally, you know I also have my offensive coordinator and quarterback coach from college over there as well (Kevin Rogers), so we talk. I'm really happy for Brad…everyone pretty much counted them out in the beginning when he pretty much benched Tavarus and went with Gus, and they were able to rally behind Gus…all of a sudden now Tavarus is back at the starter, and they're rallying behind Tavarus, and you are seeing a team that has truly bought into Brad's philosophy and they seem to be playing well, with a lot of intensity…knowing what was on the line they still played well, so I'm happy for him. Now with that said, come Saturday or Sunday when we play… we're enemies."

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