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Game Vs. Cowboys: Locker Room Offense

RB LeSean McCoy

On whether he was frustrated with the amount of carries he had today: "It was not as frustrating as not winning the game. I felt as though we had opportunities to win the game, but we just didn't get it done."

On what he believes is wrong with this team: "If we knew, we would be winning. It's something that we cannot find. We are still searching for that solution."

On how much more frustrating it was losing after starting off strong: "It's hard to lose a game like that. We were in it and real fast we were down a couple of scores. That was really frustrating."

On getting into a rhythm when Foles entered the game: "We just have to continue to do that. We have to play together on all three sides of the ball, offense defense and special teams. We just have to play together. It seems like when one side is doing well, the others are not. We have to bottle all of that together and play like that."

On how he can explain only getting 16 carries today: "I don't think we lost the game because of the amount of carries I had. I really don't. I felt like Nick threw the ball well. Guys started making plays down the field, (TB Brent) Celek, Maclin and DeSean. I don't think running today was a big issue."

On how the team will keep it together after losing five in a row: "We are going to fight. I have no quit in me and I am sure the guys around me will continue to fight."

On whether he feels the team can still make the playoffs: "Yeah, I believe that once we get it all together, we should dominate. We have the players here and Coach is a winning coach."

WR Jeremy Maclin

On whether he is stunned that the team has lost five games in a row after starting the season 3-1: "Definitely. This organization is not used to it, individual players aren't used to it, this team isn't used to it. Last year was pretty rocky, but to be sitting here 3-6 is not what anyone envisioned or planned."

On whether he feels there was a boost in energy after Foles took over: "Yeah, I thought the energy was good, but they went down and tied it, got the punt return, then the interception, but it was too much to make up at that point. We've just got to execute better. In order to win a game, you have to execute on both sides of the ball and on special teams."

On how he felt Foles did playing in his first regular season game: "I think Nick was fine. I think he showed poise. I think you have to ask him how he felt about it. Like I said, it's the NFL. When a guy goes down another guy steps in to fill that role and I thought Nick played well, but we just lost."

On whether his touchdown catch was due to a blown coverage by the defense: "I was open initially and (Foles) got a little pressure and tried to get out of the pocket and then I had no one covering me."

On whether he and the team still believe making the playoffs is an attainable goal at this point: "We're a confident bunch. We just need to get that first one and we'll be alright. We're pressing right now and we really have to get it done and go out there and get a 'W' next week."

On whether not having a win in six weeks is taking a toll on the team: "It's just frustrating. With all of the competitive personalities we have, it's frustrating. To be sitting (at) 3-6 at this point is not what anyone had planned."

TE Brent Celek

On whether it is hard to believe that the team has lost five games in a row: "It's real hard to believe that. With the team we have, this is uncalled for. We just have to finish and keep playing. We let down tonight and they scored two quick touchdowns and put us away."

On why he thinks this team lost five games in a row: "I am asking the same questions. How can we have this type of talent and play like this? It's not good. We as players need to come together, try not to listen to everybody on the outside and come together and play for each other. We are all we have."

On how he thought Foles played today: "I thought Nick did a good job. I'm sure he thinks he made a few rookie mistakes. Overall, his play and command in the huddle, he did a good job. I am proud of him."

On when a team goes six weeks without winning a game, how much confidence do you lose: "This is what I do. This is our deal. The fact that we are not successful at it right now, the fact that we are not doing well, it hurts. You don't feel like a professional. People in the city are pissed off and we are pissed off. We have to fix it."

On what he thinks is the problem: "I don't know. The only thing I can say that we can do is we have to all do our job. We have to play hard and give it everything we have. I don't know what else to say. Give it all you have on every single day and good things will start to happen."

On whether he believes that everybody is playing hard on every play: "In some cases, I think we can all dig deeper.  We can all play better and we can all try a little harder."

On whether he thinks he is playing for Reid's job: "Yeah, I think we all think that. I think that Andy is a great coach. I want to play for him more than anything. I want to win for him, especially with what happened earlier in the preseason. To see how we are playing right now, this is not a reflection on Andy. I know it is because he is the head coach, but this is not his type of team right now. We have to play better as players; we need to play better. I just feel bad for him."

WR Riley Cooper

On whether it was hard watching Vick go down after he was starting to play well: "Yeah, Mike is my guy. He's our starting quarterback and one of our leaders. You never want to see anyone get hurt, but that is how the game goes."

On whether he knew Vick was hurt when he came off the field: "No, I don't even know what happened. All I knew was that they told me he was in the locker room. That's all I know."

On how tough this will be for the team and whether he has gone through anything like this in his career: "I have never been through anything like this. We have our backs up against a wall and we just have to keep fighting. Starting tomorrow we have to get back at it."

On how he thinks Foles played today: "I think he did well. He hit a lot of his check downs, he was poised on the field and in the huddle. I think he did really well."

On whether Foles took command of the offense: "Yeah, absolutely, he looked really comfortable."

On scoring his touchdown today on a fade pattern: "That play has always been in, but we finally called it today. Mike put it right where it needed to be. It couldn't have been anywhere else. He put it right where it needed to be and I went up, used my size and jumping ability. It felt good to get that first touchdown of the year."

T Demetress Bell

On how he felt Foles performed: "I think Nick did a good job considering he hadn't been back there all year. I think if you give him a week of practice, he'll do pretty well."

On what Foles demeanor was like in the huddle: "(Laughs) It's Nick Foles. A lot of camaraderie and it was just one play at a time. Nothing rattled him."

On what he thinks it will take to turn the season around: "Hard work and preparation. We had a good week of practice. I thought we did good this week. A couple things just didn't go right for us down the road and we didn't get the win, so we have to go back to the drawing board and have another great week of preparation."

RG Dennis Kelly

On how Foles commanded the huddle for the time that he was in the game: "He did a good job. He had a good couple drives when we had to score and get some things going. When he was in there, everyone was looking at him and it was his huddle."

On whether he felt that Foles had a presence in the huddle right away: "Yeah, absolutely. There wasn't an issue with him being a rookie or anything like that. As soon as he came in the huddle it was, 'Alright, Nick. It's your offense now.'"

On how he thinks that the offensive line held up today: "I think we improved from last week. Unfortunately, we had some breakdowns late in the game which ended up hurting us. I think if we can put it all together and kind of keep building on the improvement, then I think we should be alright."

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