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Game Vs. Cowboys: Locker Room Offense

Jeremy Maclin, Wide Receiver

On the victory:"It was a big win for us. It kept us on track to achieve what we want to achieve and it is a little payback for last year."

On DeSean Jackson's 91-yard touchdown: "(Explosive plays) are what we are built off of for the most part. He definitely played very well today."

On the last drive: "It was big. The big o-line definitely took care of business tonight. It was huge for us to go out there and run out the clock…They definitely did a good job."

On DeSean Jackson's celebration: "It was funny. He was out there having a little bit of fun…He's going to be him no matter what. He was having a good time out there."

On winning after losing twice last year: "Everybody was excited. Because not only did we kind of get back at them for what they did to us last year, it keeps us right on pace for what we want to do. I think that's the bigger picture here and that's the most important thing."

Jason Avant, Wide Receiver

On the victory: "It's a good win for us. We wanted to go out and play well tonight because of some of the situations that occurred last year. We knew that they had a good team. Even with injuries, they are still talented. They are more talented than most teams in this league right now. So, we wanted to come in and play a good game. We were kind of sloppy at some points in the game, but we came out with a win."

On DeSean Jackson: "My goodness, 4-for-210? That's nice…He's talented. He works hard at it. If he continues to be humble, he can do a lot. It's good to have somebody with his talent on our talent. If we can keep him away from penalties, we'll be fine…I want to beat him up right now. We'll deal with him in practice."

On Todd Herremans' touchdown: "Todd a great job on this play. He showed that he has better hands than me. It was just a really good job. We were excited about it. Whenever you see a lineman score a touchdown, the whole team is excited. We needed the play at that time in the game. It was a big catch."

LeSean McCoy, Running Back

On the final drive: "It was pretty sweet. It shows the type of heart the offensive line has to come out and dominate when the defense we are going to run the ball. It's just their mentality. You should have heard them in the huddle. Those guys wanted to run the ball themselves. They did a great job of pushing guys up front and making some lanes."

On wanting the ball in that situation: "I think any competitor wants to run the ball, especially at a time like that in the offense. You get the first down and ice the game."

On the run game: "The whole game we kind of threw the ball a lot. Once we started rolling, we were rolling. We finished it. We put the foot on the gas and kept pushing away…Once we got it going, it was hard to stop us. You got to give a lot of credit to the guys up front. They don't get a chance to block that much because of the type of offense we have. When they get a chance, they have to prove they can block."

On spreading the ball around: "With our type of offense, we've got so many playmakers that can make plays when it's time to. DeSean, he makes plays like that. I'm trying to think of a game where he has not come up big for us. Since his rookie year, he's done so much for this team. That just shows you what type of playmaker he is. Each situation, he can make a big play."

On the celebration: "I didn't see it. I was so happy, I was jumping up and down. I didn't get to see it. What'd he do?"

On eating clock: "It's a more physical mentality. It starts with the guys up front. They definitely dominated physically by anyway possible. They kind of set the tone. Once the coaches see that, they kept calling the same plays."

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