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Game Vs. Cowboys: Locker Room Defense

Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles

On the team playing well on defense early on: "Well, we were getting off the field and it was a competitive ballgame. It was a tough game and we made a lot of plays, but then they started making some plays. Until we got out on the scramble, it kind of went their way after that."

On whether the team made an adjustment at halftime after the Cowboys ran the ball heavily in the first half: "We weren't getting off blocks at that point. We had enough guys to play it, but we weren't getting off blocks. We started getting off blocks more, we paid a lot more attention to detail and we slowed them down a little more."

On whether the defense played with a little more energy after the team took the lead after Foles' touchdown: "I thought they came in the game with some energy. Those guys play hard and they have a lot of pride. They came in the game with energy. We don't try to worry about what the other side of the ball is doing, we just try to take care of our side and make sure we can try to get a win."

On the frustration of losing his first three games as defensive coordinator: "It's tough, not just for me; it's tough for the team. We're trying to win ballgames. Our job is to win and we didn't do it."

On whether the defense took a small step forward today despite the loss: "We didn't win the ballgame, so we didn't make enough plays."

On the touchdown by Cowboys WR Dez Bryant: "It was a heck of a throw. I mean, he threw it and (Bryant) had his hand out. I know it was a heck of a play by the guy. I think (CB) Dominique (Rodgers-Cromartie) had good coverage on him. (Bryant) made the play."

On whether he thought it was a conclusive catch by Bryant: "He made the catch. If (the officials) can't overturn it, then he made the catch."

On the issues with the run defense in the first half: "We didn't get off blocks to make tackles."

LB DeMeco Ryans

On how key third downs were for the team today: "Our third downs were huge. That was something that we hadn't been doing. In the past few weeks we were getting off on third downs. Those third downs were huge so that we could get off the field and try to spark our team."

On whether or not he is mystified that this team is 3-6 right now: "No, we still have a chance to get it done. With all of the talent, we have the guys here and everybody believes we can get it done. We have to go make it happen. I am not shocked. Anything can happen in this league. I am not happy with where we are. You have to continue to fight and go out and will your way to win."

On whether Romo's evading pressure to complete a pass in the second half was a turning point: "It was a big play for him, but we still need to hold them at three. Even though he made a big play, we still need to hold them to three."

On what the mindset of the team was when Vick got injured and Foles took over: "I didn't realize until one time I looked up and I saw that Foles was in the game. I didn't know what happened to Michael. So, our mindset still stays the same."

On losing five straight games: "It doesn't sit well. It doesn't sit well with anyone. To lose five games in a row, that's not what we work for and that's not what we practice for. We have to go out and prove it on gameday and that's something we're not getting done on gameday. As soon as we turn that around—that has to happen pretty quick. It only takes one spark to get it there."

CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

On the touchdown by Bryant: "(Bryant) made the play. I mean, I tried to undercut him, but the ball was thrown on a line drive and I tried to come underneath it and knock the ball out. His concentration was good on it and he came down with the play."

On how difficult the schedule will be if Vick is out of the lineup for an extended period: "Very difficult, man, because even though the season is not going the way we all expected, he's still the leader amongst this team. He's still the guy that can lead us back to where we need to be. Without him, that's going to be a major loss."

On how the team can keep it together despite a five-game losing streak: "That's all we have is each other. We have to stay focused and keep at the task at hand."

On how critical that third down was before the Bryant touchdown tied the game: "It was very critical. We had them on the ropes and it was a broken down play. Everybody has to find the man in their zone and (stick with them)."

On how a losing streak can get a team down: "It gets very hard coming from a player's standpoint and from a coach's standpoint. It's hard to keep coming out here and fighting, fighting, fighting. There's a lesson that comes out of it. You have to keep pushing and you have to keep fighting."

DT Cullen Jenkins

On how he thinks this team can still make the playoffs: "We have to get a win first. It's been a while since we won a game. We have to figure out how to get a win before we can think about anything else. Once we can get a win, then we can start looking ahead. Now, we just have to win next week."

On whether this five game losing streak has started to wear on him: "It's frustrating. To lose one game is frustrating, but to lose five in a row, it's real rough. We can't take it back now and sit here and make up all the answers in the world. Now, we just have to figure out a way to win the next one."

On how tough it will be for the team to hear all the talk about Reid's job security: "It's tough as a player. The things we do cause these situations. If we make the plays we are supposed to and do all of that, this talk is not happening. It's tough as a player because you feel as though you are not holding up your end of the bargain."

On what he thinks is missing from this team: "We are just not coming up with plays when it counts. That is a big thing and when you look at any championship team, they go through tough stretches, but when they have to make a play, they do. We have to figure out a way to do that."

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