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Game Vs. Cowboys: Head Coach Wade Phillips

Opening statement:"It was a hard-fought win. We knew it would be that way here. We knew it was going to be a tough game. Our players left history in the past. This was a new team; I said it all along. It's a new year. We came in here to play our game and I thought we did a good job of that. I thought, overall, we played the way I hope we would play. We've been pretty consistent the last several games and I thought we played the same kind of game.

"I told them going into the game that we needed to play like we have been playing. We didn't have to play super-human, but we had to play well. I thought we played well in this game. We knew it was going to be a tough game, we knew it was going to be a close game. Our guys came through. We kept them from having big plays except for the one screen pass, but I thought we did a good job of keeping them from having the big plays and we obviously got a couple of big plays on them. The (WR Patrick) Crayton pass before the half and (WR) Miles Austin for the touchdown. Big plays that helped us win the game. We're still only one-and-one in the division.

"We are leading the division right now, but we're only one-and-one. We have four more division games. We have a tough road in the second half of the season, but after two-and-two you can't be more pleased than where we are right now. It was an exciting win for us. It was a hard-fought game, hard-hitting game. I thought we were very physical as were they."

On whether he was happy with WR Miles Austin being patient throughout the game: "We tried to get the ball to Miles (Austin) earlier. They did a good job; they got some good players over there. That (CB Asante) Samuel is a heck of a corner over there, but we have some good receivers. Our quarterback played well again. He did take some sacks, but he didn't give up the football. I thought that was key for us."

On whether he was happy with his team making big stops on fourth down plays: "Fourth and inches, I felt like and we felt like that could be the ball game if we could stop them. We knew they were going to run the quarterback sneak which they're strong at doing. Our guys rose to the occasion there."

On WR Roy Williams' performance tonight: "I thought (WR) Roy (Williams) played well. He's a big target and he can really catch the football. He was a bigger part of the offense in this game and Miles wasn't for a while. It just happens that way. Of course, (TE Jason) Witten comes through when you really need him. We needed a first down to win the game. Those kind of things, Witten comes through, too. It was a team effort."

On getting the ball back at the end: "I knew we needed two first downs to win the game and with no timeouts for them, it's (RB) Marion Barber time. Our offensive line, we challenged them on the sideline because we knew when they started to kick the field goal, we challenged our offensive line on the sideline and said if we make the first down we win. If you want to win, let's do it; and so they did."

On why the draw was working so well: "It's just a power play; that's all it is. It looks like a pass or a draw, but it's really just a little sprint draw that has been running for a long time in this league."

On CB Terence Newman meeting the challenge of going against WR DeSean Jackson: "We didn't match up (CB) Terence (Newman) per say with (WR) DeSean Jackson. Of course he caught some there. We were lucky, should have been on him closer, but we didn't let him get behind us. That was a key for us. (CB) Mike Jenkins played well again. He played well and made a big interception for us. I thought both of our corners played well and I thought our defense played really well overall."

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