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Game Vs. Cowboys: Head Coach Wade Phillips

On his thoughts regarding the game: "There's not much I can say about this one. It was a disaster from the opening kickoff, from kicking the ball out of bounds, to two 80 or 90-yard plays to start off the second half when we had a chance to get it back to 21-17 or something like that. We had everything to play for. I think that the turnovers that haunted us all season ended up really hurting us in terms of not getting enough turnovers on defense and giving up too many offensively. We got by with it a lot of the year and won a lot of games, but we were minus 1 or 2 in the turnover ratio and that ended up getting us. It obviously wasn't penalties, it was turnovers."

On whether the Eagles got more of an emotional lift from knowing they could reach the playoffs with a win: "Well obviously we didn't play well enough. They played well and I expected them to play well, but I expected them to play like that no matter what. Obviously, I expected us to play better."

On his perspective of the entire season: "It's hard right now. We had everything riding on this and we didn't step up to the plate. It's hard to look at the whole season right now."

On not making the playoffs: "Well, I mean that's where we are right now. There wasn't a player or coach in there that thought we weren't going to win that game, but we didn't."

On why the team didn't step it up when they were only one game away from making the playoffs:"If I had an answer, we wouldn't have done that. We started out kicking the ball out of bounds on the first kickoff and it hurt us position wise. The 10 points to start the half were big and those two turnovers really put us out of reach. And then of course the two touchdowns in the first two series of the second half where we got down inside the 20 yard line both times. I can't explain those."

On whether the turnovers were due to QB Tony Romo being careless:"Well, they made the plays and we didn't. We didn't make their quarterback do those things, so I think it was both parties."

On what he told the team after the game: "There's not much you can say after a game like this. The season's over obviously. We will meet tomorrow, but it's an utter disappointment. That's all you can think about right now."

On practice the past week leading up to the game: "I thought that we practiced well. We did some good things. We practiced like we have been practicing and I thought a little better as far as their enthusiasm."

On if there were any unexpected plays from the defense coaches: "No, we worked a lot on their blitz stuff and we had an extra day that we worked completely on blitzes, so we thought we were ready for everything."

On whether the players let down the coaches or the coaches let down the players: "It's always the coach first. It's always me first."

On whether he believes owner Jerry Jones will re-hire him as head coach: "I haven't thought about that and it's too early to think about that."

On if he feels if he is the right man for the head coaching position: "Sure. I don't feel like anything right now, except for a team that lost an opportunity and didn't take advantage of our opportunity, so I'm disappointed."

On whether Romo will rebound in the offseason: "I think Tony will come back. He's a trooper. He still has a lot of wins. He didn't play three games this year, so his record overall is still a good record. I think he is a really good quarterback and I think he will bounce back. I think next year he will have an even better year."

On whether he believes that something is missing from the team's chemistry: "Obviously, there is something missing. We didn't make our goal, which was to make the playoffs first and we didn't do that."

On the team's leadership: "Well, I thought all along that we had good leaders. We have guys that say and do the right things and work hard. This team gave a lot of hard work thoughout the year and never backed down, so I appreciate that from them."

On whether he was disappointed in CB Adam Jones' penalty: "Well, I am disappointed in any player that gets a penalty especially when it's right before the half and you have a chance to stop them. I'm disappointed in our team overall."

On Romo's injuries and whether or not they are still bothering him: "I thought he was alright. He was sick a little bit this week, but other than that I think he was alright. He could've played the rest of the game obviously, but we took him out. He told me he wasn't hurt or anything."

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