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Game Vs. Cowboys: Head Coach Chip Kelly


What happened on the last play?

It was just a crossing pattern. We actually hit Jordan earlier going that way, it was in the first half. It was the second time we ran the play. The other time, Jordan caught it and we scored the next play on a sweep after that. It was the same play, we called it once and were successful with it and I felt like if we got over midfield, then I was going to call it again.

On how happy he is for Jordan Matthews after he's had several drops this season, especially in the Carolina game?

I'm extremely happy for him. I'm happy for everybody. I think it was a team victory and I've got full confidence in Jordan. The great part about Jordan is he doesn't pay attention to it, either.  He's been great.

On the play of the offensive line:

I thought they did a good job. Obviously when you're down Jason, we had to shuffle some guys over. Dennis Kelly, first time to start for us since we've been here out at tackle. He had started for us at guard last year but I thought those guys did a really nice job against a formidable front. We knew that going in that that was going to be a heck of a matchup for us.

On the game in general:

Good football team. We knew it was going to be a battle. It was one of those deals where I don't think you can prepare for everything. Played in a dome. We had a wind. It rained on us. Some things you didn't think would happen when you play in a dome. Caleb, it was a little bit more difficult kicking that way, so that kicked he kicked for us – the 52-or-53 yarder – into a little bit of a breeze. There was a wind down there a little bit. Then you see that at the end of the game, they go out for a field goal and it hits the upright. Usually when it hits the upright, it doesn't go in. It hit the upright, came down in, so it was just kind of one of those games, but our guys battled right to the last and I'm proud of them. They had a really good week, as good as we've had around here and it showed.

What did Sam Bradford do that was better?

I think Sam is continuing to improve. I thought he was really accurate in his throws today. He put the ball on guys in the right spot. You look at the play with Jordan, it was a heck of a throw. He threw it before the guy fell down but it gave Jordan the opportunity to catch-and-run.

Are you gaining more confidence in Sam?

I've always had confidence is Sam. I just think it's how the game played out. I thought we were pretty balanced in terms of being able to run the ball once we got moving. We had a lot of drives, a lot of long field trips we didn't start. They're so good in the kicking game, we didn't have any kick returns, we didn't have any punt returns. On all of our drives we had to kind of pound it out and I think we were pretty balanced.

What was the difference in the run game tonight versus the in the first game against the Cowboys?

Again, I think we just executed and blocked up front. I thought our guys up front did a heck of a job and that was the challenge for them going in. I thought handled their defensive front for the most part. It's a very formidable front. They actually had some new guys we didn't face the last time. We faced Hardy for the first time and Gregory for the first time. I'm really proud of how those guys played.

Did you think about going for it all the way on the fourth down play with DeMarco Murray?

I thought we were going to get it, so we were going to go for it.

What did you think of the pass interference call on the final Dallas drive?

They made it. That's what I thought of it.

On Caleb's Sturgis' range tonight:

He was kind right on his edge that way because there was a wind coming from that way. He probably would have had a little more going the other way but he was really right on the edge of what he can kick.

On sticking with Sturgis after some early struggles:

He's the only kicker we have so it wasn't like I was going to bring another kicker in.

On what a win like this after the bye week can do for the team:

It 's the same thing I told them after the Carolina game, one down, one to go. Same message in there (locker room), one down, one to go. We're going to get back late. We have tomorrow off and when we come back Tuesday, we've got to really start a good week of preparation for Miami.

On if there was something about DeMarco Murray in the passing game the team took advantage of:

Some of the matchups with linebackers after Sean Lee went out, we thought we could exploit that and that's what we did.

Was this a pivotal game in the NFC East?

We're just trying to get wins each week and then we'll pick our heads up after that last game against the Giants and see if we won enough.  Our mentality is every single week we've got to go out and play and at the end, do we have enough wins that are good enough to get us into the playoffs?  And if it is, it's ok. We never talk about who the opponent is and how this game is more important than that game. Every single game is important.

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