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Game Vs. Cowboys: Head Coach Andy Reid

On injuries sustained during the game: "(FS Quintin) Demps sprained his ankle. (CB Ellis) Hobbs had a stinger, and he'll have an MRI in the morning. (LB) Akeem Jordan hyper-extended his knee. (OT Jason) Peters came out with an ankle sprain, but he went back in. (RB Brian) Westbrook had a headache late on Friday afternoon. I made a statement about it, so (the media) has it. That's what it is, and we'll just see how he does."

On the loss: "There were some good things and there were some bad things. There were some things that were very close that I felt could go either way, and they didn't go our way. We had a couple of turnovers that (Dallas) capitalized on for 10 points. The (replay) challenges, I guess if hindsight is 20-20, I'd like to have those back because they didn't go the way I anticipated. Hats off to the Cowboys because they got us today. We're going to rebound and get ourselves right. We made too many mistakes and things we can work on. That's my responsibility on that."

On the two unsuccessful replay challenges: "I can't go into the challenges. I can't do that, unless you (the media) are willing to pay for it. They go the way they go."

On the Eagles committing seven second half penalties: "There were too many of them. There were too many penalties period. We've got to do a better job there."

On what information he utilizes when deciding whether to use a replay challenge: "We have both. I'm seeing it there (on the stadium video board) and I'm getting feedback upstairs (from the coaches' booth)."

On why the offense never attempted a long pass to WR DeSean Jackson: "They were rolling coverage his way."

On his decision to attempt a long field goal on what turned out to be the Eagles' final offensive possession: "There were four minutes left, and I thought we would get the ball back and win the game."

On whether it was hard to maintain the team's energy level during the long timeouts used for the replay challenges: "Our guys battled their tails off. That wasn't a problem. I knew it was going to be two heavyweights swinging at each other, and that's what it was. It was a tough, hard-fought game and both teams felt it physically."

On whether the offensive play-calling had to be altered following the injury sustained by starting LT Jason Peters: "We were okay there on the offensive line. (Todd) Herremans knew what to do once he got out (to the tackle position). He had one penalty at the start, but after that he did fine."

On what Dallas did defensively to unsettle QB Donovan McNabb: "I thought they did a decent job covering us down the field. You have to work your way through the progression, and you have to do that quickly. We could have gotten better plays in from my standpoint, and everybody had a little piece of it. That's the way it happens in games like this."

On the touchdown catch by Dallas WR Miles Austin: "They had a double-move there. (CB) Sheldon (Brown) played a heck of a game, but they got him on a double-move there."

On which Cowboy player the Eagle defense was anticipating would get the ball on the Cowboys third down play which sealed the game: "We probably should have thought about Witten a little bit more there to be honest with you, since you're asking me that question."

On RB Brian Westbrook missing the game: "He felt good during the week. He practiced during the week, and then it was a crazy deal."

On whether he knows how long Westbrook could potentially be out of game action: "No I don't, but I know this…if he has a headache, obviously I'm not going to stick him out there."

On whether he feels this game got away from the Eagles: "One did get away. This was a loss, but it's not the end of the season either. I understand that, so it's important that we get back on this thing. We're leaving Friday for the West Coast, and we need to do better than we did the last time we went to the West Coast. We have to learn from the mistakes and move on and get ready to play the (San Diego) Chargers who came off a big win against the (New York) Giants today."

On what the Eagles need to do to improve on third-down short-yardage situations: "We need to convert them."

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