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Game Vs. Cowboys: Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening comments: Nothing to give you on the injury side. The Cowboys out-played us today. They were the better football team all the way around, offensively, defensively, special teams. We're going to go back to the drawing board and make sure that we get ourselves ready for this next game here.

What happened on the fumbled snap? It was both their faults.

Did the offensive line shifts through the week affect the team? No, I wouldn't say that. First of all, it starts with me; I need to make sure I get the right plays in. Then when people were given opportunities to make plays, they have to make plays. This was a team effort, coaches and players. It's not one person or one position, that's not what it is.

On the dropped balls: We're going to do a better job there. You can point to a lot of spots here, we're going to do a better job all the way around.

On effectiveness of Cowboys running game: They're a good football team. They did a good job all the way around, they threw well and they ran well.

Will it be tough to fix all that went wrong today? We have to go to the drawing board and do a better job as coaches and as players.

Field position: We establish our own field position unless it's a kickoff and they guy's kicking off from the end zone. Other than that, you establish it yourself. That comes back to all us doing a better job.

Coming back to Dallas next week: We'll be ready.

On decision to attempt 53-yard field goal: I would have liked to have gotten some points there, at that point it was 17-nothing, I would have liked gotten some points.

On not blitzing often: We're going to go back and look at everything. That's what we felt we needed to do today. We're going to go back and look at some things, maybe we do the same thing next time, maybe we do something different.

On using Michael Vick and his overall health: I think he'll be back full next week. I had a couple things for him this week and I just pulled back there at the end.

Did Cowboys have physical advantage on both sides of the ball? I think they out-played us in a lot of spots and out-coached us.

On taking timeout before the punt in the first half instead of taking a penalty: We needed to fix something. We needed people on the field. Right there I wanted to back them up the best I could. The way things were going I wanted every yard we had and back them up and see what we could do.

Did you sense a let-down today? I didn't think it was a lack of effort, we need to make sure we put the players in the right position and when in the right position, making the plays. There was no lack of effort on their part, maybe a little too much effort.

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