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Game Vs. Cowboys: Head Coach Andy Reid

Overall: "My hat goes off to the Dallas Cowboys that was a heck of a football game and the things that Jason Garret is doing with this team. I continue to wish him the best of luck. I am very close with Wade and I have a lot of respect for Wade. It is a tough situation and they are a good football team that we played against and beat today and I am proud of our guys for hanging in there. I like what we did right there at the end, we got the football we kept the football and played good physical football down the stretch. As far as individual things go it was a team win. It was two good football teams playing one another."

On the success in the 4th Quarter: "This was a good one. We were able to get the ball in not great field position. DeSean ran hard and explosive and the big O-line was coming off the ball. There is a point where you need to do that. We had both tight ends in the game. That's a good defensive front, to be able to come off and sustain a drive like that."

On DeSean Jackson's 91-yard touchdown: "I like the 91. The fall I wish I wouldn't of… that's a little Hollywood left of him."

On the night Overall:"Overall I am proud of the guys. We knew it was a good football team."

On DeSean Jackson: "DeSean I thought he played well. He had a couple of good plays the beginning of each half."

Was it important to come in here and win a game?: "When you play the Dallas Cowboys, if you are good enough to win the game it is a beautiful thing. I am proud of these guys and we have a lot of change over on this football team. These guys, they put there pedal to the metal here and it was a nice thing. It was a NFC East victory. I am going to enjoy it until we land and then get ready for the Giants."

Was DeSean Jackson's success a product of scheming to get him in space or playmaking ability?: "Well the long one was a big play. He had man coverage, he was able to push it up the field and Michael hit him right on time. It was perfect timing, drove it inside, hit his outside shoulder and DeSean took care of the rest."

On Vick choosing what side to throw to: "He has a choice. He can go either side and that's the side he chose. You saw him do it last week with Jeremy; this week he did it on this side with DeSean."

What contributed to the 4th quarter?:"They are pushing through and making plays. You saw Dimitri with the interception down the stretch there. I think the opportunity we have to rotate guys in; I think that helps, particularly on the defensive line."

On young guys playing and contribution: "You mentioned Jamar and he steps in. We got a lot of rookies that are playing and new guys to the team that are contributing. I can't tell you that I was expecting that."

On Jamar Chaney and Omar Gaither: "(Jamar) Chaney did a nice job. He has been playing well, but we have a lot of trust in Omar (Gaither) as well."

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