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Game Vs. Cowboys: HC Jason Garrett

On whether there is a description for the scramble play by Romo: "No I don't. And anybody that has watched our football team, and watched Tony play throughout his career, you see that he is capable of making those plays, and he's made such great strides as a player since he's been a starter in this league because he plays so well within the system. But then, I think something that is so important is to be able to allow him to have that freedom to make those Romo-type plays, and that certainly was a great example of that. He's got great vision, he's got great feel for people around him, he always keeps his eyes up, he seems to be able to make a lot of those plays at critical moments, and today that certainly was an example of that."

On scoring 21-straight points in all three phases of the team: "I think that's it, you just said it. We talk about all phases on a daily basis, and its offense, defense, it's the kicking game and everybody has a role in what we're doing, and everybody has to pick each other up. The offense might be going pretty well, the defense might be struggling. Special teams might be struggling, the offense and defense got to pick them up, and certainly the defense might be going and the offense might be struggling so the other guys have got to pick them up, and I think today was a good example of that. I think everybody understands it's a team game. I thought this was a really good team effort for our football team. Each of the units made signature plays in the ball game…difference making plays in the ball game. I thought we hung in there, I thought we believed in ourselves within the unit, but also across units. I think that's a sign of a good day for your team, a good example of the stuff we preach to our team and I thought it showed up today against the Eagles."

On being down 17-10, and marching down to tie the game: "I just think it's an example of how we play offensive football. We very rarely like to take the freedom away from our quarterback. We like to give him answers and options, and Tony's an outstanding quarterback, he sees what the defense is trying to do and tries to throw the ball to the appropriate guy. I thought he did that throughout the ballgame and he certainly did it there. There was a double on the inside receiver, Dez was isolated outside, Tony saw it right away. (He) made a great throw, and I thought Dez made a great play in the end zone."

On the importance of getting this win and what it means to the team: "It was a critical win for us. We had to come up here against a division rival, and win at their place…and again it was going to take a team effort, I thought our team worked really hard this week in practice…I thought they were focused, I thought they were focused throughout the ball game. I thought it was a good job by our team early on, after they went down and scored on the first drive to come back and answer. And just play football, and understand that it's going to be a 60-minute game and there are going to be some highs and lows, some ups and downs, and you've got to play through them. When you have success, you've got to play through it, when you have adversity, you've got to play through, I think today's game is a good example of that…again with any unit, but also across our whole football team."

On the adjustments and differences once Vick went out: "Well like you guys know, Michael Vick is such a special player. He has such great unique gifts as a quarterback. He can run, he can extend plays with his feet, he can throw the ball all over the field, so you're always aware of those traits every time he snaps the football. Nick Foles is a young guy, he's more of a pocket passer for them, and yet you kind of understand who's under center now and what his strengths and weakness are. I thought he did a good job playing within the system and did some good things for them as well, but they are different, you just have to understand as a player and certainly as a defensive play caller, what the differences are, trying to accommodate and acclimate to those different situations."

On the Dallas Cowboys rushing attack: "They're an outstanding defensive front. They really are across the board…they have defensive ends that really can rush the passer, and they get great penetration and explosiveness into the back field, so we thought it was important to run downhill at them, really throughout the ball game, we wanted to be persistent with the run as much as we could. We didn't want to get into a game where we're throwing the ball every time and letting those guys tee-off, so early on it was pretty effective…we had good balance really throughout that first drive and we tried to maintain that throughout the game."

On the punt return by WR Dwayne Harris down the sideline: "Again I keep talking about team effort and everybody being involved, we will go back and look at that tape and we will see a lot of really good things happen. A lot of blocks, certainly it was an outstanding run by Dwayne. Often times he is described as a guy who is back there that is pretty solid with the ball, that you can trust him in catching the football, but I think he showed all of us he can do a little more than that. He is a strong runner, he has good vision, and he is an outstanding returner and obviously a huge play in the game for us."

On the win today after a rough week: "Well if you have been around this league as a player or coach, you understand it is week to week, and you have to do your best to enjoy the successes when you have them, and fight through the adversities when you have them, and you really have to put this game to bed, just like we put them to bed when we lose, and we have to get on to the next challenge. We have to get ready for Cleveland tomorrow, they are coming to our place next Sunday, so we are focused on the task at hand as best we can…trying to get better every week, and trying to get ready for that opponent, Cleveland is our next opportunity."

On the defensive penalties: "Well clearly they were going to call some defensive holding on our guys, I have not had a great look at it. If you watch their team, Philadelphia, I think they lead the league in defensive holding calls and they are very aggressive in the secondary, but they seem to think we are more aggressive, so they called a lot on our guys and we have to make sure we clean that up. Certainly (CB) Morris (Claiborne) was a culprit a few of those times, and I think what you tell a guy more than anything else is trust your technique, and we have to show him the examples on tape. He is a very talented player as you guys know. He got into a few compromising situations with the receiver getting off the line of scrimmage on him and it looked like he reverted to holding him, or getting close to holding him, and they called him. They were going to call those penalties today, and he has to have discipline enough to keep his hands off of him and use his technique and ability to cover the guys. And they didn't call them on the other side."

On playing in Philadelphia with the crowd and outside distractions: "I just think what we try to preach to our players and we try to live as coaches and players are to be focused on what we need to be focused on. Typically it is us getting better, we have to get better as a coaching staff, and we have to get better as players and as a football team every week. So we go through that process and that is our number one focus. We have to focus on the task at hand, this week was the Philadelphia Eagles, we had to come up here in their environment in this type of game and play our best football in all three phases. And now we are going to clean this one up and we are going to get focused on Cleveland coming to our place on Sunday."

On playing on the road this year: "Well I think it has been 6 of 9 on the road against some good football teams to start the season, and what we try to do, we try to take it one day at a time, and one game at a time. You have heard me say, home, away, parking lot, or the moon, you have to be ready to play and play your best. At times we have done that during this stretch and other times we have not done that. The fact is the first 9-games are over, so we are focused on this game this week against Cleveland, we have to clean this one up, and move forward quickly, because it will be a good challenge for us at our place."

On this game offensively, defensively, and on special teams: "I'm not into comparing games so much, but I think this was a good team effort for us. We were good with the football on offense; we didn't give them any opportunities, obviously the defense really played well at different times of the game and they made some signature plays in the game. Anytime you can score miscellaneous touchdowns in this league you have a good opportunity to win, we had three of them today…a punt return and two defensive touchdowns, so that gives you a great chance to win the ball game. Certainly whenever the punt return team can make a play like that it can swing the game and it happened at a critical moment for us. I think we scratched, we clawed, we battled in all three phases and then we made some big plays and it made the difference in the game."

On DT Kenyon Coleman's injury: "I know he hurt his triceps and was not going to be able to go back into the ball game so we will find out in a little bit."

On being concerned throughout the game: "Again I don't think we live in a world of concern. We certainly understand what has happened, we played some good football teams and each of those games that we have lost, and we have not done enough to win. But we can take good things out of each of those games that we have lost and try to build on those and try to correct those other things, so we knew it was going to be a great challenge up here, we knew the situation the Eagles were in…it was an important game for them, just as it was for us…it was at their place, they have an excellent coaching staff, Andy Reid does an outstanding job, they have really good players, so we knew we had to be our best today. I don't think we were at our best, but we did a lot of really good things in all three phases to help us win this game."

On the New York Giants losing prior to the start of the game: "Again, the guys that are around me a lot know what this answer is going to be…it is focus on us, and focus on the task at hand, so that is what we tried to do today. We knew it was going to be a great challenge against the Eagles so that is where our attention was. They just told me that the Giants won. We preach opportunity really on a daily basis, it is a great opportunity, the opportunity and the opportunity because we are playing and coaching for the Dallas Football Cowboys, and another chance to come up here and play the Eagles, and regardless of what anyone else is doing around the league, we are going to do our best to take advantage of that opportunity."

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