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Game Vs. Cowboys: HC Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(QB) Michael Vick has what looks to be a concussion. (WR) Jason Avant has a hamstring strain."

Opening Remarks: "The obvious is that there were too many big plays in a very short period of time there. We went from the lead, to being behind by a couple of touchdowns. Between the special teams and a couple of big plays on defense, we have to do a better job there and figure this out. The guys battled, but you can't give up things to a good football team."

On the performance of rookie QB Nick Foles: "For not having practiced at all with the first group, I thought he came in and did some good things. I think there are some plays that he'd like to have back, but he kept battling. You saw that he kept his eyes downfield and there were some positives there, but again, the turnovers."

On who will start at quarterback next week at Washington: "We'll see how all of that goes. I have to see how Michael is first here."

On whether Vick looks as if he has a concussion, or whether he has actually been diagnosed as having suffered a concussion: "That's why he didn't come back in. He has a concussion. But in terms of the severity of it, we'll have to see."

On which play Vick was injured on: "I think it was the play that he came out on."

On whether Vick remains the starting quarterback if he is healthy enough to play: "He's the quarterback, yeah. But he's hurt right now, so I have to just see how he's doing. Let's take a little consideration for Michael here."

On what happened on the Dallas punt return for a touchdown: "We got walled on the opposite side. Our contain blocker got hemmed, and we lost leverage. We opened up the sideline seam there."

On the play of T King Dunlap and T Demetress Bell: "There were some penalties there that they had, and a couple of rushes that got past them. They did some good things in there, but there were some things that you can't do. The penalties obviously hurt us."

On whether he finds it hard to believe that the team has a 3-6 record: "Right now, we are what we are. So we have to change that around, and I believe we have the players to do that. We have to get that taken care of."

On whether he was disappointed in the special teams breakdown that led to a Dallas punt return touchdown: "That play was disappointing to everybody. When you have a touchdown (scored) against you, you're disappointed in that. But that's coming off a week where they did pretty good last week (on special teams). We got caught on that one."

On whether he considered having WR DeSean Jackson return punts in the fourth quarter: "I had him take the last one, not that they were going to kick it to him. But no, I didn't."

On the demeanor of Foles when he entered his first professional regular season game following the injury to Vick: "I thought he handled himself well. He saw things, and he made some great checks in there. Again, for a guy who hasn't taken the reps with the first group, I thought he did some nice things. As far as managing the game, it looked like he went to the right place with the ball when he had pressure. There were some positives there."

On how the other players responded when Foles entered the game: "I thought they responded fine. I thought the guys were all in."

On whether it was inevitable that Vick would get injured due to the high number of hits that he has taken this season: "Nobody can predict the future. I was hoping he would make it through without having a concussion here, but that's where we sit right now with him. The kid is a warrior, he's tough, competitive - the whole works."

On how much different the Eagles play calling was when Foles entered the game: "Really not different. We used the same plays."

On whether he still believes the Eagles can be a playoff team: "Absolutely, yes. You don't know in this league, so you keep battling. That's what you do."

On whether it will be a struggle to keep the team focused and playing at a high level: "You don't worry about the things you can't control. You worry about the things you can, and that's becoming a better football team and eliminating the mistakes that we're making, and getting ourselves on track to win football games. We start with preparing for Washington next week, getting ready to play them and play our best football game."

On whether he sees any improvement in the team's recent play: "Today the obvious was that we made too many mistakes. They were different than the week before, but we made too many. So you go back to the drawing board and you get it right. That's what you do. You work hard and do the right things to correct the problems."

On whether the Eagles are just a bad team: "I take full responsibility for our play. So I'm going to do a better job, (the players) are going to do a better job, and we'll get it right."

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