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Game Vs. Colts: Head Coach Jim Caldwell

On the Eagles' quick start in the first quarter: "They got off to a great start against us. And they certainly got some points on the board. But we came back. We had a lead at halftime, so we at least gave ourselves a chance. But you got to give a lot of credit to them, they hung in there and really did a nice job. They really kept us down the third quarter. It's where we really could not get ourselves going. We had to keep punting into the wind down in that area and they kept us pinned down there pretty good for almost the entire third quarter. So that was, I think, really a key turning point."

On WR Austin Collie's injury: "He's awake, he's alert, and it's a concussion. So we wish him the very best in his recovery and I think he'll recovery quickly. He'll do okay."

On his reaction to Collie's injury: "I think the official made the proper call. I think there was no question about that. Yeah, we just certainly hope he's okay. We just stand out and watch the doctors do their work, talk with him and those kinds of things. We're happy that he didn't have any sort of very serious, serious injury. Any kind of injury is serious, but I'm talking about one where obviously it could have been much different from the way it turned out."

On Michael Vick's play: "Yeah, one of the things that we wanted to try to do was to make certain that we could limit the big plays. He had a couple huge ones on us in situations, not only throwing the ball, because he threw it down the field on us, in particular when we had him backed up, one deep pass on the field was a big, big play. So he threw the ball well and he ran the ball obviously well. He gives you all kinds of problems because he's a dual threat. Not only he just can do harm to you in terms of running the ball, but I mean he had some big, big gains against us running the ball."

On if Collie will be on the plane back home: "To my knowledge, yes."

On if Collie was unconscious at any point: "I won't go into all the details about it, but he took a pretty good hit. He was out, unconscious for a period of time."

On maintaining cohesion despite injuries: "We don't make any excuses for anything. We just didn't play as well as we'd like to play in all situations and those are the kinds of things you have to deal with in this league. Everybody deals with injuries, so we just have to find a way to get guys ready to play and just play a little bit better than we played tonight. And that's a good football team. They played extremely well, we just couldn't get it over the hump there at the end."

On if the second half is when the game slipped away: "Well the third quarter, right there in the third quarter, we were backed up, we were kind of working against the wind. So we were punting into the wind and just could not punt ourselves out of it with a great flip of the field in terms of special teams, nor could we move ourselves out of that situation. Our defense did a good job, just in terms of keeping them at bay for a little bit there. That was where I think, that period of time where we just couldn't get the field flipped was tough. But we came back, we came back and scored and then at the end we still had a chance, but just couldn't get it done."

On their strong red zone defense early in the game: "We kept them, they were kicking field goals as opposed to scoring touchdowns. I think the guys did a good job. I think first half, we had two red zones stops that were key."

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