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Game Vs. Colts: Eagles Defense


Eagles Defensive Coordinator Bill Davis

On what makes this run defense so special:

"I think when you start with a two-gap – and a two-gap is a very hard defense to run against and that's what we're based out of. When it works right, it's very hard to run against and it was working pretty well today."

On how creative the team can be given the depth at defensive line:

"As long as we can stop the run first, and most good defenses do that first, that's the foundation of a good defense. We have a good group of second year d-linemen and a good crop of young guys that played well today. As long as they continue to develop like that, we'll be pretty solid."

On how much he constantly challenges the guys up front to keep challenging themselves:

"It's kind of built in. We've got some great position coaches. [Jerry] Azzinaro has the d-line and [Bill McGovern] has the outside [line]backers and they're kind of interchangeable. It's just a highly-motivated group that takes a lot of pride in stopping the run and getting after the quarterback."

Eagles DE Fletcher Cox

On opening the preseason with a victory:

"Today everybody was focused on their job. The offensive was focused on putting the ball in the end zone and the defense was focused on finding the football."

On the continuity and comfort level of the defensive line:

"I feel like we respect and trust each other. I think that goes back to square one. We respect and trust each other and believe in each other. We know that we're going to get the job done no matter what the situation is."  

Eagles LB Marcus Smith II

On his progression moving forward:

"That's what I'm shooting for. Hopefully, after that, I can become a starter one day. I understand what my role is on this team and I know I'm going to have to play special teams and play on defense as well. That's what these preseason games are for. I played on special teams [today] and I think I did an okay job on defense, but I definitely want to get better."

On what he thinks he could have done better today:

"I think when it comes to pass rush, just getting off of the [tackle]. Even though it was a three-step drop, I feel like my expectations are to still get there. I really want to get there. I know in preseason, a lot of teams, they do three-step drops because they want to protect the quarterback. If I can make him hold the ball just one more second, then that's what I want to do."

Eagles S Ed Reynolds

On contributing today after getting off to a slow start last season:

"I was on the practice squad last year, which was a great experience for me in terms of going out and playing wideout, playing corner, playing nickel, and playing safety. Coming into this year I just wanted to make sure that I came out and made an impression. In the end it's just going out there and playing ball, doing your job, and making plays. I felt a lot better this year just because I was able to participate in all of the spring, and all of training camp. It's about staying healthy and doing what I need to do. Today is just the first day of trying to stack up good days."

On what he needs to do to build on his two interception performance today:

"I just need to be consistent. It can't just be this one week. I need to show up this week, then show up the week after that, and hopefully carry it over into the regular season and then into the playoffs."

On how it felt to be a major defensive contributor today:

"It felt amazing. It made me feel like I was in college again. That was my thing in college – to go out there and be a ball-hawk and give our offense more opportunities. It felt good, but it wasn't like I was going out there and doing anything crazy. I was just playing our scheme and having good eyes on the quarterback and breaking and believing what I saw."

On whether his performance today helps his quest to earn a roster spot:

"It definitely helps. But like I said, this is just the first step. I have to keep stacking them in practice and get ready for Baltimore.

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