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Game Vs. Colts: Colts QB Peyton Manning

On tonight's game: "It was just about consistency all night. I though Philly just out-executed us. We certainly had a chance there at the end. I am disappointed that we didn't give (K) Adam (Vinatieri) a shot. We had the wind with us at that point and you got to love (Adam) Vinatieri in those chances, so I'm disappointed we didn't give him a shot, but execution, Philly did a better job than us all night."

On the injury to Austin Collie: "Well you hate to see that. Coach Caldwell told us early on that it was a concussion, which you don't like to hear, but it is certainly better news than what everybody fears at that point, but you hate to see that and it is tough when you lose one of your top players. Obviously our thoughts and prayers are with him."

On the difficulty of long passing plays: "Yeah, it was tough to get down field. I hit (WR Blair) White down the seam right there and you have to get a touchdown there and the second half it sure was tough to get anything going. There were a couple three-and-outs and not many first downs. We got something going late, but it just wasn't consistent enough I didn't think."

On whether or not working with different personnel affected the outcome: "You know, I'm not going to use that as an excuse. I think Philly has got an excellent tem and I thought they really executed there defense well. They have excellent players and I thought when we see the film we will see some things that we just didn't do well enough. I think everybody, starting with myself, I would have liked to have played a lot better, but we still had a chance to win in the end. I would have really liked to have given (Adam) Vinatieri a chance at the end."

On what he told Collie after his injury: "You know, obviously it's probably one of the worst parts about the actual game, when you see a teammate hurt like that and the cart come out. I just told him that everyone was praying for him. Well, you know, certainly we have played a long time and we have had to see a lot of players carted off before, teammates or opponents, and it certainly does put the game in perspective and you pray that he is going to be ok."

On the play of Philadelphia's defense: "I don't know it is hard to say. They have good players, they have good cover guys as well and everything was kind of contested, but we just had a tough time finding any kind of rhythm in the second half and you have to give Philadelphia a lot of credit."

On the key red-zone stops in the first quarter: "It certainly could have been worse. There was a poor throw on my part early, but a good job by the defense to keep them to three points. We have to do a better job scoring points. I thought Vick was very good on third downs, making plays. It's our job to score more points than them and we didn't do it tonight, so our offense has to do a better job and that certainly starts with me. I have to do a better job."

On whether being within two points at the end can be seen as a positive: "You obviously have to find some positives from every game. I think we will see a lot of things that we need to correct and that we need to do better. We certainly had some opportunities. I'm sure we will see some good things. We had a rookie tailback, Javarris James, had two touchdowns. There is certainly a positive there. So, that's good. It's always difficult to find those things immediately after the loss, but like you said, we still had a chance and just didn't get it done there at the end."

On playing without injured starters: "Like I said, we certainly knew who was going to play at the start of the game. (WR Austin) Collie turned a four week injury into two weeks and so it was great to get him back, but you certainly knew that other people were going to have to play. You hate to lose him injury-wise. Those are the guys we were planning to play with and those were the guys we thought we could go win the game with. The guys that have been in there have been doing a great job. I need to play better, but on thing on the positives, I think we can improve with these guys because in terms of game-reps, you just can't get enough of them. You can only simulate so much in practice. These guys, the more games they play I think they can improve. Hopefully we can find that improvement and win at the same time."

On how players have to take on extra responsibility due to injury: "I think all of the veteran players do. That is the way it has always been. You want to step up and play better. Not necessarily do more, but just try to be even sharper and be all up from an execution standpoint. I thought we just weren't as good as we could have been."

On the play of WR Blair White: "(WR) Blair (White) knows what to do, and like I said, a guy like him just can't get enough game experience. He played inside some, he played outside some today. He is certainly learning a lot in his rookie year and he comes prepared to work every single day in practice and in games he has done a nice job. I think we are putting a lot on him, which we certainly do with our young players and I think he has responded well"

On how the NFL zeroing in violent hits affects the game: "Really, it is hard for me to speak on the matter. I think the defensive guys are the guys who can really give their opinions. How or if they have had to change the way they play. It is hard for me to speak on it. I know one thing, I try not to do ever, even on that fourth down, and I never try to ask or beg for a penalty. I don't like it when I see quarterbacks begging for a penalty. If they call it, that is what they call. It is kind of like the old saying 'Hey, we didn't make the rules, somebody else did.'

"Like I said, when I am playing quarterback, I'm trying to get the first down, but the true way. Just try and get the first down and if the penalty comes, I don't think I'll ever say 'Pick it up' or decline it, but I think you just have to play the way they call it. I think the defense can give you a better perspective."

On whether a certain amount of injuries is 'too many': "Certainly a lot of them are happening at the same time, but we still have to find a way to win, right? It was tough most of the night, down two points, which is kind of a score you like, instead of being down three and playing for overtime, which is a longer game for a lot of young guys. But we were down two, still with no timeouts, but our defense did stop them and gave us a chance, and that is what you want to do. Is it easy? No, but I certainly would have like to have given (Adam) Vinatieri a shot at the field goal, so II am definitely disappointed about that."

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