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Game vs. Cards: QB Donovan McNabb

On today's performance: "Adversity always happens in our position; it's how you pull yourself out of it. I know coming into this game if I just continue to be myself and know what I'm seeing out there and react, good things would happen. We were able to do a lot of good things on the offensive side, running the ball as well as passing the ball, spreading the ball around, getting guys involved. You see what happens."

On what the difference was today offensively: "When you start fast and continue it on, that's something that teams kind of struggle with because now you don't know what's coming next. When you come out and you [get into a] flow, it seems like the offense, you just kind of pick plays and get into a rhythm and today we were able to start out from the very beginning. To have a big drive and come out with points and we put 48 on the board when pretty much everyone counted us out. But, we've got a lot more games to go, we've got a lot more improvement, but this is a start."

On what it will take to make a playoff run:"We have to win. It's a must-win situation, but you take one game at a time. When you get into a situation where you see the Giants twice a year we know they're going to blitz, we know they're going to sit back in the zone and challenge us a little bit. We remember what happened in the first meeting here in Philadelphia and the shootout. We don't want it to come to a shootout in this game. We have to be able to eliminate turnovers and be able to come out with points."

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