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Game Vs. Cards: Brian Westbrook

On the performance of the running game: "We needed this game. It was a little vindication for my offensive line. We did a great job. My fullback [played well]. Wide receivers went downfield and made some plays, made some blocks. Those guys have been dogged; we've been dogged all week long. Now, we did what we needed to do to handle business."

On his health and playing on a short week: "All glory is to God. He blessed me; he allowed me to heal in a short week. It was tough, but we made it to the gate. Once you get to the gate, you have to run."

On potentially making a run into the playoffs: "We need this game to be our springboard. We can't lose anymore. We are at that point where we have to man up. We have the team that can do it. Hopefully it puts us right on to what we need to do."

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