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Game Vs. Cards: Andy Reid

Opening Remarks:"I was proud of the guys, stepping up against what, I think, is a very good Cardinal team. I thought, defensively, the guys were able to put a lot of pressure on [Arizona QB] Kurt [Warner] who, we all know, is a Hall of Fame quarterback, and we were able to put some pressure on him. We didn't have the sacks that we normally have, but, at the same time, we caused him to throw some errant passes. [FS Brian] Dawkins tied a team record for interceptions with 34; very impressive. Offensively, it was great to see the offense get going. [QB] Donovan [McNabb] was flawless out there, in the first half. He really did well the second half, likewise. We ran the football a little bit more the second half, but I thought he played very well. The offensive line, I thought they picked up from where they were a couple games ago and played well in both the run and the pass game. It was good to get [RB] Brian Westbrook going, he had four touchdowns. I thought he played an excellent game."

On the offense working well early:"The run game worked. That was the thing that was important there is we were gaining good positive yards on it. Anytime that you can get that mix going, between the run and the pass, that's important and makes the defense have to play both and honor both. That helps you as an offense."

On McNabb's play after a tough week: "He was under some scrutiny and he was able to block everything out and he went about his business. That's a credit to him and the kind of person he is and the kind of athlete and quarterback that he is."

On the team's play following the short week: "I was proud of them. There were a lot of things said about them and I think they blanked those out and trusted each other. They were sore. We have some veteran players that were sore and they're going to get three days off here and be back on Monday. They can freshen up now and they said 'You know what? We're going to sell-out tonight and do our thing and play our kind of football.' And, that's what they did."

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