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Game vs. Cardinlas: Eagles Locker Room

Eagles K David Akers On missing his second kick: "Just some times you miss the kick, and I missed it and wished I had made it."

On going deep in the playoffs, yet not make the Super Bowl: "You know to lose four NFC Championship games, sits in your gut pretty hard. You have to look at yourself first. I wasn't happy with my performance today, but I had some good plays a couple touchbacks and big kicks to start off. But then you miss one here, and then the extra point and your forced to go for two. I'm disappointed when I look at myself, but I don't put everything into one basket as far as who I am. I feel like I let my teammates down, and I'm sure if they looked at plays they would feel the same way. We do this collectively, and I wanted to win that's all I know."

If the team tried to do too much: "We play hard, and sometimes maybe we play too hard, as far as trying to over do things. You're out there, and you're caught up in trying to go to the Super Bowl, so you're trying to make it the best that you can play after play. We just came up short on a couple."

Eagles TE L.J. Smith What one thing cost the Eagles the game:"I don't think it is any one thing, I just think that we started off slow. They definitely came in and gave us some looks, that we probably weren't use to. Defensively we adjusted at half time and came back out and made a run at it, but one thing I don't think it is one thing."

On the way they got to this point and not finish: "Yeah for everything to fall into place like it did at the end of the season even to get in the playoffs and then lose the NFC Championship Game is tough. This is a great team here and they are going to be successful for a really long time. The expectations should be very high next year."

On the adjustments they made to gain 19 points and some momentum: "I mean there is some luck, you need a little bit of luck, I don't care who you are in this game of football you need some luck. We got a little bit of luck with the DeSean (Jackson) pass, and they weren't protecting the middle of the field, and Brian (Westbrook) had some big gains. They really weren't doing a good job with the tight end so we wanted to take advantage of that."

On how the defensive responded after the DeSean Jackson touch down: "We knew we would have to contain their offense, because they can strike at any given time. They had a very balanced attack today. That last run they had in the fourth quarter, it was just obvious that when they want to do something, and when they want to put points on the board they could. They were playing at home, they had the crowd behind them, they had everything going for them."

On getting to the big game and not winning for a few years: "It is even more frustrating when you get to the big one and you don't pull it out. Here it is just like you can say you made a great run at it, but I don't know. To come back the way we did and actually have a chance to win it. Then for them to just to eat up the clock like that, that's just that."

Eagles TE Brent Celek
On the numbers he put up and the loss: "It's heartbreaking, and honestly I don't care about the numbers. I wanted to win for these veterans that are in here, and I wanted to go the Super Bowl. That was the goal. I honestly do not care about the stats at all I just wanted to win."

On moving the ball in the second half: "I thought we were moving the ball well, but we just died out there on those four plays. We just have to execute a little bit better."

Are the Eagles a Championship team: "I think so I think we showed here at the end of the year. We came up short, and it is the worst feeling that I've ever had when it comes to football. I never want to have this feeling again."

On feeling on the sideline after the DeSean (Jackson) touchdown: "Everyone was excited that we took the lead. I think we thought the whole second half that we had the momentum, and that we could win. You have to give credit to Arizona they played a good game too."

On the last play with Kevin Curtis: "I mean personally I thought it was pass interference, but I'm not the one making those calls."

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