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Game Vs. Cardinals: QB Michael Vick

On why the game got out of hand so quickly: "I wish I could tell you. I just know that we have to play better and that starts with me. We just have to go back to the drawing board and figure it out. I have to give a lot of credit to the Arizona Cardinals. They played a great game."

On what happened during the play at the end of the first half: "It was a situation where I should have been looking to get the ball out of my hands if things weren't there. I tried to hold onto it and make a play and I just took a hit."

On if he knew FS Kerry Rhodes was coming for him: "Yeah, I knew he was coming. I was just hoping that the back would pick him up but I still tried to make a play. That's my responsibility. I have to get that taken care of in the protection schemes, especially with a new center, and just have to play better."

On how the new center/quarterback combination worked: "They were pretty good. There weren't any miscommunications. I think he did a great job of identifying guys. We just have to continue to build on what he progressed in. Obviously at the end of the day we have to make plays. We have to keep the defense off the field and put points on the scoreboard."

On why the game spiraled out of control: "I wish I could tell you. I wish I had all the answers right now. The only thing I know is that we didn't play our best and were nowhere near what we had potential to do. We just have to regroup, watch the film, learn from it, and get back to practicing and find a way to cut back on the turnovers and find a way to put points on the board and help our defense out."

On the Cardinals coverage: "They played some good coverage. They played a lot of zone, did some good things on the back end, and took away our deep threat. I give a lot of credit to them. They played a great game and they beat us."

On how concerned he is on the amount of hits he's taking: "I'm not concerned at all. I'm going to continue to just keep fighting, keep fighting with my teammates. That's what means the most to me and try to help them out as much as I can and help this football team."

On if they can win when he takes that many hits: "I don't know. Hopefully we can get it together, but the thing about this team is we are a very resilient group of guys. We stick together regardless of what happens and we know that next week can be the absolute opposite of what happened today so we are going to continue to keep fighting and try to keep getting wins."

On if something has to dramatically change with the game plan: "I think we are going to have to make a lot of adjustments and I think our coaches do a great job of doing that. I think it's just about them watching film and figuring it out. Us as players are figuring it out because we have responsibilities as well."

On what they need to do to turn around the turnovers so they don't happen again: "The only thing we can do is eliminate them when we are out on the field. It's easy to talk about it. It's easy to say it, but when you are in the moment you have to eliminate the turnovers. We'll do it. Everything happens for a reason."

On how he bounced back from a lot of turnovers last season and how he can do it again: "I think sometimes you just don't catch a lucky break. Sometimes things don't go your way. Sometimes you have games like this, but the most important thing is to rebound from it, to watch the film and learn as much as you can. Everybody accept responsibility as players and try to figure it out."

On how he thought QB Kevin Kolb played today: "I think Kevin played great today. I think he came out and played like the way he was supposed to and he did a great job leading his football team and of putting points on the board, squeak some out some way. We have to find a way to do the same thing."

On if there was more of an effort to go to WR DeSean Jackson because WR Jeremy Maclin was out: "Not really. I think Damaris (Johnson) did some good things out there. Obviously it would have been great to have Maclin out there, but I believe in the guys who were out there playing with me. That'll never change. I continue to keep getting up, keep firing, and I accept responsibility for the things that don't go well and I accept responsibility for the offense not putting points on the board because I am the quarterback. We'll get it corrected."

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