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Game Vs. Cardinals: QB Kevin Kolb

On being in-sync with WR Larry Fitzgerald: "I think a lot of that credit goes to the coaches. They scheme up certain things and get it moving around, and it goes into his preparation, because when you move around that much there's a lot of learned during the week, the hots and sights. Those guys take the credit. A lot of times Fitzy was wide open and we were able to find him. "

On offense starting off so fast the last two weeks: "It's been a point of emphasis all off-season because we started so slow most of the games last year. Defense usually does it for us right off the bat and it's nice to have two big drives to start the last two games."

On how this win feels: "It feels good, it really does. I mean, I'm going to enjoy it, don't get me wrong. But the biggest thing was being 3-0. To be 3-0 against the teams we've played, in the fashion that we've won, it's been exciting. I think our mentality as a team, coach just made the point, and I know everybody approaches it like this, we will roll on to the next one. This league can sneak up and you can lose three or four in a row just as fast as you've won three or four in a row. So we're going to stay humble and stay hungry and hopefully they rack up come January.

On watching the sequence at the end of the first half: "That's huge. Those are plays that only come around once every five years and our defense does it once every five games. Everybody put in a lot of confidence and again, a lot of credit to our coaches, they put us in those positions. And then we were smart enough to capitalize on them."

On getting a lead and taking a knee at the end: "It's something we are not used to for sure. It feels good. We needed to be a little bit more aggressive there in the third quarter and get some first downs at least to keep some pressure off of our defense. But they kept holding them to field goals. And we needed to get one big drive in there and we were able to do it towards the end of the fourth quarter and lock it up. A lot of credit goes to the offensive line for that and then of course Ryan (Williams) coming back from last week, that was important."

On three games with no turnovers by Kolb: "That's the thing that we've harped on a lot. I've harped on a lot. You know with our defense and our style of play, not turning the ball over is a big key. It's okay to punt. We don't like it, it's never been in my game, but to have that kind of mentality, sometimes it is okay especially when you're defense is playing that good."

On putting 3-0 into words when two weeks ago he wasn't the starting quarterback: "I would put it in words in the off-season, and hopefully that comes with a ring and a lot of wins. I don't even want to think about it right now. I just want to stay focused. Because I've done it in the past, you know, tried to foresee the future and every time it comes up knocks my legs out from under me. I'm just going to stay humble and keep working just like the team is. And like I said, onto the Dolphins."

On the touchdown pass to WR Michael Floyd: "The redzone in the NFL, it's a lot of tight windows. We got lucky on that play, obviously. You've got to be aggressive. It's one of those fine lines. Every quarterback walks it. We got lucky on that one and hopefully we can get lucky on a few more."

On being able to connect with Fitzgerald: "It opens up everything. They start doubling him. It opens up things for Andre (Roberts), Early (Doucet), the tight ends. The back-side had a couple of big catches today. So were going to move around and try to get him the ball. But we have so many playmakers on this team and a lot of them people don't even know about. You see Andre get the ball in his hands and then it was called back. We have people miss all over the field. So we know a lot of people can step up and make big plays.

On the defense's impact: "It's a big part of it, making sure (Vick) does not find rhythm, because when he does, they can put up a lot of points. Our defense is faster than I think people give them credit for. They are aggressive and that helps in those situations. I think that was the number one offense in the league coming into this game and they are shutting them down. That's a huge win for our defense and it's a huge win for us."

On pass protection: "I guess I ask myself the same question sometimes because I see the some of the things you guys see. I think when you game plan a team, and you understand what you're looking for, it helps you focus down the field and be comfortable. And you work all week on those certain things. Again, our offensive line deserves a lot of credit, they've been playing their tails off. I think they battled. I feel like, if their battling, I'm going to stand there and battle there for them. That's a nice report."

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