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Game Vs. Cardinals: Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt

Opening statement: "We are obviously really pleased to get the win today. I thought we played very well as a team in all phases. We had a good game plan coming in and we executed it very well. Defense did a good job starting the game. They got them off the field and then moving the ball down the field was critical to us. Also, the play right before the half, I think it speaks a lot about our team. The way the guys fight, scramble, and scrap to get everything to the play. Then to take it back 93 yards, which reminds me of another play from a few years back. I'm glad it went our way this time. That was a very good football team that we played today. I think that our players approached it the right way and that is a credit to them."

On the ideal mix of players: "I'm happy with our team. They're working hard. They are a group that believes in themselves and they play together with passion. That shows up on the field."

On what the 3-0 start means: "It means we beat some teams that nobody really gave us credit on doing. That's the only thing it means. The 3-0 start doesn't really mean anything to me other than we have another game next week. That's the focus that we have to have. We have won a lot of games in our last twelve. We've stayed consistent in our approach and that's paid off for us. That's our challenge going forward. I think that we have the guys to do it."

On team's reaction to 2-0 going into this game: "I've been confident in our team since back in training camp because this is the way we finished last year. Also the way we worked in the offseason. Now that doesn't mean anything unless you perform, but they've performed. I think there were a couple things in preseason that I really liked. I really liked the way we fought. I remember the Tennessee game, when we had five turnovers and we were still in the game. That showed that we had some mental toughness. The way we responded after we didn't play well in Kansas City was an indication that we had a chance to be a good team. There were a lot of doubters. We are not a good team yet. We are only a good team if we keep doing what we're doing. I think that's the approach we have to take."

On Kevin Kolb's performance: "He did a really good job today. He looks more and more comfortable. Everyone has talked about the quarterback competition, and the one thing I've always been a proponent of is it makes players better. I think that's what we are seeing."

On Ryan Williams' performance: "Ryan looked good. I was disappointed in Ryan (Williams) on the third down, it was a toss play that we had third and one in the fourth quarter, and that's where Ryan (Williams) has got to learn. There are situations where you have to hit it and get the first down. Man, did he do a good job there at the end. This is what we've seen from Ryan (Williams) since training camp last year. It's good after last week and what happened in the New England game to see him bounce back and play with that confidence. He had that catch early in that first drive, which was huge. Ryan (Williams) is growing up right in front of our eyes."

On Kerry Rhodes' physical performance: "He did a good job today. He made two of the biggest hits I've seen him make. That one right before the half was huge. Kerry (Rhodes) is a very talented player and he's an unselfish player. He worked hard and it was nice to see him make some plays today. People will notice how consistently he's been playing."

On Larry Fitzgerald and Kevin Kolb's rhythm: "We are improving as an offense. We are still a work in progress, but it's a lot better to get Larry (Fitzgerald) more catches than one this week. That's a good place to be."

On Beanie Wells and Darnell Dockett's health status: "We'll see tomorrow. I think Beanie (Wells) hurt his toe and he couldn't push off there in the end. It was better to keep him out. We'll know more on Darnell (Dockett) tomorrow. The beauty about this is when you have a bunch of guys who work hard, not only can the next guy step in and play well for you, but these guys want to get back. They want to be a part of this."

On James Sanders and Rashad Johnson's performance: "They seemed like they did a good job based off what I saw. We made some mistakes, but I think a lot of that was miscommunication. Our fans were wild today and that's always great. That gives us an advantage. I think it allows us to get a jump and that's why were able to generate some pressure on the quarterback. At times, especially when they're going at a fast tempo at the line of scrimmage to communicate the coverage, we didn't do that well enough today. That's an area we need to continue to work on. We have made some progress, don't get me wrong. As far as where we want to be as a defense, if we eliminate those things, we will improve."

On the feeling after the win: "I feel better after any win. I don't care how we get it. If we have to win it close, if we have to win it ugly, I don't care. A win is a win. It's great for our fans and it's great for our players."

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