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Game Vs. Cardinals: Head Coach Andy Reid

On injuries: "As far as injuries go, (Akeem) Jordan has a hamstring strain and that's it."

On the game overall: "Listen, they played better than we did, clearly better. They coached better and they played better. That is my responsibility. I didn't have my football team ready to play, and they did. Hat's off to them. Field position, turnovers, you can't play a good football team like that. The turnovers that we have had; we have to do a better job than that. Again, that is absolutely on me. I have to get my football team ready to play, and I did a terrible job this week."

On Michael Vick not seeing the blitz on his fumble at the goal line: "There were people responsible for that, but listen, we all take responsibility for that."

On if he thought of kicking a field goal instead of going for the touchdown on the play before half: "I thought about it. I thought we had an opportunity to get it in the end zone. Actually, the one just before the half, that was a free man."

On why the offense had more passing plays than runs today: "Obviously, we thought that we could throw the ball and do a better job in that area, but we didn't. In hindsight, it would have been okay to run the ball a little more."

On his concern for the hits Michael Vick is taking: "He got hit too much. I can help out with that. That's my responsibility."

On what else he can do to solve the turnover problem: "We have to make sure that we are putting guys in the right position to make plays, and then the guys have to make the plays. It is all of our responsibility."

On the emotional swing when the Cardinals had the fumble return at the end of the first half: "That's not good. I thought that our guys came back out second half, but we just had dug ourselves a hole. We didn't score a touchdown, and then the whole field goal thing."

On the confusion on the Cardinals' holding penalty in the first half: "I can't. That one I can't explain. I can't explain that. I honestly don't have an answer for you. I don't have an answer for you. I just can't answer that question."

On Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald having so much success in the first half: "He did a good job. We knew they were going to move him around. That's what they do. They have shown that. We have to do a little better job there."

On if Larry Fitzgerald's touchdown catch was a communication issue on defense: "It was a communication issue, yeah. It was."

On if the offensive line was making the right calls: "They got us on a few blitzes. They blitzed quite a bit. They got us a few times. It was a combination of things. I can't tell you that it was absolutely one thing every snap though. It was a new experience."

On why he opted for field goals in the third quarter: "We felt like points were crucial at that time, and we had time on the clock where we felt that if we could get things switched around we really felt halfway decent. We thought that would give us the best chance of coming back."

On why he thinks the team was not ready to play: "We came out here and we didn't play well. That is my responsibility. We have to go back and work better than what we did. I have to make sure that we do that."

On if Arizona's defense is the strongest Philadelphia has faced yet: "They are a very good defense, very good defense. We knew that coming in here."

On if he knew Cardinals QB Kevin Kolb was going to get the ball out quickly: "We knew he was going to get it out quick. We figured that, yes."

On making Michael Vick more aware in the pocket: "I've got to help him with certain things. Then we have to make sure we have the right protection calls, and he has to make sure that he sees them. It is a combination of things here. Collectively, we have all got to do better. When you have one of these losses like this, that's what it is. You can't point at one thing or one person. It is a collective effort, and that is my responsibility there."

On if he though of putting Nick Foles in to give Michael Vick a break: "No."

On if he feels they have the personnel on the offensive line to get it done: "I felt like that coming in. I will have to go back and study everything, make sure and look at it. I wish you could say it was one thing, but it wasn't one thing or one person."

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