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Game Vs. Cardinals: Eagles Offense

Eagles QB Sam Bradford

On what happened on the interception that was returned for a touchdown by S Deone Bucannon:

"Just a bad play on my part. I just have to find a way to just throw that ball in the dirt right there."

On his injury early in the game:

"Just took another shot on that shoulder."

On whether it was a hit on his left shoulder:


On whether this is a step down from where the team had been playing or just a couple plays here and there tonight:

"I think we did some really good things. I mean, that was a really good defense that we played tonight. I think they are top five in the league in total defense. We made some plays. I mean it's not like they shut us down all night. We just had too many self-inflicted wounds to really do anything. You know, to not get points before halftime is frustrating. And then in the second half, the fumble I had, I think that's going to be a really big play, if not a touchdown – and that's a turnover. We turned it over the next possession. When you are playing a really good offense and really good team like they are, you just can't afford to do those things."

On whether his shoulder is more vulnerable than it would be typically:

"Yeah. I think like with any injury, I think you know you take a hit on it. It's not fully recovered, it's vulnerable, I guess."

On the good rhythm throughout the first half and what was working for the offense:

"I think we just had a good mix of some things going. I thought we had some nice runs. We also had some nice kind of run-pass options that they were giving us. Just some quick gains. But I thought we had a pretty good balance. We made some plays in that first half."

On whether he was surprised RB DeMarco Murray didn't get the ball more tonight:

"To be honest, I'm not even sure how many times he carried the ball. Two? Yeah, I mean guess that is a little bit surprising but we have been rotating our backs for the past couple weeks and I think that's just kind of been the plan."

On the mood of the team right now:

"I think everyone is a little bit frustrated after the way we played tonight. Obviously, we thought that we were taking steps in the right direction. And you know, really kept ourselves in the game up until I don't know mid-way through the third, fourth quarter and then just kind of collapsed. But like you said, the good news is we have to have a short memory. We have to learn from this one and get ready for Saturday because it's coming quick and the next two games are really important."

On whether playoff scenarios are something they think about or discuss:


Eagles WR Jordan Matthews

On the game tonight:

"I think when you look at it and we go back and watch the film – the Cardinals are a great team and we don't want to take anything away from them. We can still be optimistic going into next week, because we beat ourselves. The things that we struggled with in the beginning of the season, mental errors, penalties and turnovers. I man, [RB] Ryan [Mathews] doesn't fumble the ball ever. It just popped out. They made some good plays on defense, but we shot ourselves in the foot way too many times. When you look at -  we can still be optimistic because I think we left a lot of points on the board. They didn't just shut us down and stop us in all facets of the game. We moved the ball, but turned the ball over at really bad times. We really beat ourselves in this one. We will go back, look at it, and find a way to get wins these last two weeks."

On whether he senses frustration from RB DeMarco Murray on the sidelines:

"I was really in the game. I don't really know. We go so fast, so I can't really pay attention. Half the time, I really don't know who is in there, especially when we are going uptempo. I don't know anything about that, so I really can't speak on it."

On how the team bounces back on a short week:

"I think the biggest thing is that we can't let one loss beat us twice. I think sometimes short weeks are good, because we can get this bad taste out of our mouths. It would be one thing if we didn't have any life, but we still have life out there. In a game like this, it's not demoralizing, because we just beat ourselves. We need to get a good win this week. I am really optimistic and I know all the guys are too."

On his 78-yard touchdown:

"I mean, when you have a guy like [TE Zach] Ertz, the safeties have to come down on him. He demands a lot of attention. I am not going to explain the route concept, but at the end of the day, the safeties came down to Ertz and I was able to slide through the defense. They probably thought I was going underneath, but I took it deep and then [QB] Sam [Bradford] placed the ball perfectly. Sometimes in those kind of plays, quarterbacks get antsy and throw it too far, but he saw that I was open and he gave me an easy catch. That was all she wrote."

Eagles TE Zach Ertz

On the team's performance tonight:

"They were definitely a better team than us tonight. I didn't play very well and the team didn't play very well. We thought we were right in it. They are a good team but at the same time we thought we could hang with them. Obviously the scoreboard didn't reflect that. At the end of the day we didn't execute, and that falls on us."

On the short week:

"I think the short week definitely helps. I don't think there is that much time to think about it. We've been in this situation before. The playoffs start now and that's the bottom line. We knew that this game was big but at the same time, we know the next two are huge. That's honestly all we can focus on now."

On the running back rotation:

"I think everyone has 100% faith in [running backs coach] Duce [Staley] to put those guys in situations to be successful. [RB] Ryan Mathews is a heck of a running back. We've seen all year what he can do and I think he deserved the bulk of the carries tonight. [RB] DeMarco [Murray] has been an unbelievable teammate throughout this year. His demeanor and approach hasn't changed at all. I think that speaks volumes to the person he is."

Eagles RT Lane Johnson

On the failed forth down conversion:

"Yeah, it was an outside zone. I manned on [Cardinals DT Frostee Rucker], [RG Matt] Tobin manned on [Cardinals ILB Kevin Minter] and [TE Brent] Celek manned on [Cardinals WILL Alex Okafor]. I didn't see who made the tackle from there, but we all pretty much took our guy. My guy fell and I went down with him, but I didn't see.

On whether it appeared that the Cardinals knew the run would go to the right side:

"Yeah, I think we watched the film and saw that the Bengals had success on that side and we tried to emulate them. Maybe they caught onto it. The Bengals scored on that formation."

On where this team goes from here:

"We have two games left and it's a do-or-die situation. So, next week is big. If we don't win that, it's not going to be good for us. It's do-or-die."

On whether the final score is indicative of how far apart these two teams are:

"Turnovers, we had four turnovers. Any time you turn the ball over that much against a good team, you are going to lose. So, in order to have made the game tight, we needed to hold onto the ball and try to get the run game going, which we didn't do either or."

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