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Game vs. Cardinals: Eagles Defense

CB Sheldon Brown

On scoring 48 points tonight: "We just found our chemistry today. It worked, it clicked. That's what we expected all year and it didn't happen. It happened tonight, we just have to build on it."

On having the offense jump out to a lead for the defense: "It is different. We can be more aggressive, we can take some chances and jump some guys and get quarterbacks to throw off their back foot. It's huge when the offense does jump out for us but at the end of the day you still have to play defense when it's a tight game."

On stopping Arizona's running game: "When the offense jumps up that helps out a lot too so it forces (Arizona) to play catch up and it forces them to try to move the ball by throwing the ball. Believe it or not, offense is defense too."

On beating a good team tonight: "I feel we have a good team I always felt that way. Make no mistake about it, we just haven't been playing well. Consistency, and today we did it and you see what happens when we do it."

On taking anything out of this game: "Each and every game is a different situation. The only thing you can do is give your all and continue to work individually and keep sacrificing for one another."

On the offense tonight: "It wasn't surprising. (The offense) did it at the beginning of the year. We have great offensive players, talent and they put it together today."

CB Joselio Hanson

On what the team proved tonight: "We proved that we're fighters. We keep fighting for the (NFC) East. It doesn't matter we have to keep pushing through we still have a chance to make the playoffs."

On when he found out that he was going to start: "I found out Tuesday."

On thinking that Lito Sheppard was going to start: "No, I knew I was going to start. I felt good out there, too. I like starting."

On what has clicked over the past couple of games: "Just making turnovers and playing hard. I'm really studying my plays. I'm a good player, man, I just have to go out there and play loose and keep it up."

On the secondary having a big game tonight: "Yeah, I felt like we were going to have a big day because they throw the ball so much. I felt like (QB Kurt Warner) was going to put it up there and hopefully we just have to catch it, catch the ball. I knew we were going to have a big day. (Arizona) throws the ball a lot."

On going into a game without Asante Samuel and against a team that throws a lot: "I felt good, man. I felt real good out there. I just wanted to challenge the receivers. They have a strong receiver tandem. I knew it was on national TV. I felt like everyone was watching. I had to go out there and do something, make some plays."

On playing cornerback on a team where there is a lot of talent: "Yeah, but I can hold my own. I'm just trying to make this playoff run."

LB Stewart Bradley

On the gameplan: "The focal point for us was putting all three phases together. Special teams, then on defense and then on offense and I think we did that tonight and when we do that you can see the kind of results that we are capable of getting."

On playing great tonight after two tough weeks: "We have to have a short memory on the good and the bad and correct the mistakes we made tonight and get ready for New York."

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