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Game Vs. Buccaneers: QB Josh Johnson

On Asante Samuel's second interception: "I just tried my best to put it in a spot where I knew where (WR) Sammie (Slaughter) was going to be, and I just put a little bit too much pressure on him and it ricocheted off his hands and right into Asante Samuel's, and he was right there, and it was a gift to him. It's another frustrating play, and we had a lot of those plays like that today."

On the Eagles' defense compared to the rest of the NFC East: "The Eagles blitz package is a lot different than a lot of teams. They have a defensive line that is very athletic, so it allows them to do a lot more things than a lot of different teams can do. They can bring different blitzes, that allows them to bring more linebackers and DB's because their ends are able to drop in coverage, and cover a lot of ground. They have a good blitz package, and for me being a young quarterback, it was good that I got to see it, because now we know what we got to do in our offense to be able to try to combat with that if other teams see that and they want to take that and try to do that versus us."

On whether he expected to see the amount of pressure he faced today: "They showed it, and no, we didn't (expect it). We worked on it, and we had a check for it, and we got to our checks early, but when a team does that, there is a 50/50 chance it can be a big play (for us) or a big play for them, and when you are up 21-7, you take that risk of trying to create big plays for yourself, and if you give up a big play, you're still up 21-7, and I think that's the approach they took to us in the second half. We just have to keep fighting. A lot of guys do that, and that's why I'm proud of the guys that kept fighting."

On the support he received from the team's veterans and how the dropped passes affected him: "I feel like I'm getting a lot of support from the guys. (Dropped passes) happen. They are out of my control. All my job is, is to get those guys the ball. What happened with the drops, I can't control that. So, for them, I know those guys will do what they've been doing, and that's fine. So, I'm not mad at anybody about that or anything. It happens. I had mixups. We all make mistakes, so it's not about pointing fingers. It's about all of us looking ourselves in the mirror, and 'what can I do to help this team get a win?" It's not about you lost it this game, this person lost it this game. We all lost the game. We lose as a team, and we win as a team. That's how this game works.'

On his fumbled snap:"Honestly, I can't even remember what happened. I felt like I did the same thing I have been doing. We got tape tomorrow, so if it was my fault, I will admit to that. I'm not sure exactly what happened, it happened so fast. I'll get a better look at what happened tomorrow. And that was another big play—even if it was a short hop, I got to do my best to get the ball, so I mean, that's what it all boils down to. And that's what the frustration is about. It's not about when a team physically beats you; it's about when you do a lot of things that hurt yourself. That's the most frustrating part about it."

On talking to Donovan McNabb after the game: "I talked to (McNabb) and Mike (Vick). I was more frustrated, but at that time it was a great honor for me in my life to see those two guys and to have a conversation with them, it was extremely joyful moment for me, and to sit there and watch him play, it was a joy to watch. I mean, he was one of the guys I looked up to growing up, and when you get the opportunity to see him play in live action, I mean, I feel blessed."

On what McNabb said to him: "He told me to keep working. He likes the way I play the game. He told me to keep working, and hopefully we can build a relationship together, and that is what I'm trying to do, so I can become a better quarterback and try to pick some things off of his brain, as well. We lost, and that was the frustrating part of that, but I did have a conversation with him and I tried to talk to him after, so that was good for that part."

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