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Game Vs. Buccaneers: Locker Room - Offense

WR Jeremy Maclin

On his first TD as a pro: "We got bump and run coverage. It is a go ball and I had to beat the guy in front of me. That's pretty much what it came down to."

On whether he felt like he was up to speed with the offense: "I felt like I was up to speed before hand. With the talented group of guys we have, I think big games are going to rotate between the guys because we have so many guys who can do so many things. Today was just the day where the plays were for me."

On whether he expected to have a big day today: "I expect to make the play. When the ball is thrown my way, I expect to make the play. The number of balls I get, I don't know. You just have to be ready when it does come your way."

On whether he was determined to make an impression today, being a starter: "You just have to make the best of your opportunity. I said it before, it's unfortunate that (WR) Kevin (Curtis) got hurt, but it was very fortunate for me to be there and step into that role. When he does get back healthy, he is going to be a guy who is going to help us. We are just going to let the coaches decide what is going to go on."

On whether he feels he stamped himself as a starter: "That is not for me to decide. I just have to make the best of every opportunity."

On whether e thinks he has learned the offense quickly and the perception that it takes rookies a long time to learn the offense: "The offense is hard to pick up, but I have been learning it from day 1. You just get in the trust of the coaches and the quarterback. That is why the results have been what they are. Like I said before, it is what it is and you just have to make the best of every opportunity. You have to make sure that when your number is called, you make the play."

On whether he was surprised that QB Donovan McNabb had such a strong game today: "No, I saw it all week."

FB Leonard Weaver

On whether this seemed like a blowout today: "You go back and count your mistakes. We had some penalties on special teams, of course and some penalties on offense. Those things kind of hindered us a bit, but at the same time, we came out and did the things we wanted to do. Donovan threw the ball down field, the receivers caught it and the running backs ran well with it."

On whether it's difficult to know where the team at right now after 3 wins against teams who have not won any games prior to today: "I hear people say that. But at the same time, this is the NFL. Any one of those teams that are winless can come in and beat a team that is really good. For us, it's a plus, because we came in and showed that we are not going to be deceived by the fact that a team is winless. We are going to come out and focus on doing what we need to do every week."

On how it feels to be utilized in the offense: "It felt real good. It is a blessing. It felt real good to get into the end zone. It felt real good to know that the coaches and Donovan trusted me. It was a great all around effort by the offensive line and Donovan."

On not having a close game all season and whether he is worried about that:"You can't be worried about things that are going to come down the road. We have to take it one game at a time and really, one quarter at a time. That is how we approach every game, whether it is close or we are up or down by a large margin. We are going to come into every game and focus on the team at hand and what we have to do individually, so we can come together collectively as a team."

WR Jason Avant

On whether he expected Donovan to come out and play as well as he did today: "Always, he is a top quarterback in this league. He has been for a long time. We always expect big things from him. He did an outstanding job today and hopefully he continues to do that."

On Maclin's big game today: "This one thing that the older receivers tell the young guys, all of us are one heartbeat away. Someone is going to have a big game one week, someone else the next week, and so on. So, you can't get impatient, because we are a team. If one of us catches the ball, we all catch the ball as a receiving unit. We are excited for him today. It's special for him, he waited his turn and things worked out for him. Hopefully he has a game like that every week."

On having three, two-play touchdown drives today: "We had a few opportunities today that worked out. Sometimes, based on coverages, it could be a touchdown or it could be incomplete. We had the right coverages both times and Jeremy won both plays. We just had excellent calls at the right times."

On having LB Jeremiah Trotter back out there on defense: "It's exciting to have him out there. As a fellow believer in Jesus Christ, I just love to see him out there playing and being exciting. It just reminds me of the (FS Brian) Dawk(ins) and Trott combo. I wish one day 20 will come back through those doors."

QB Michael Vick

On his 11-yard run: "Everything broke down. I got a little rush from the left, so I just tried to move a little bit and let it be natural. I still tried to look downfield, but it wasn't there. I was just playing ball and being natural with it, let my instincts take over. That was good for me."

On whether being under center was more natural for him:"Yeah, being under center is more natural. That is what I like to do, that's what I enjoy. In due time, I will get my opportunity."

On the play that he came out of the game: "I got kneed in the ribs. Took a shot. X-rays were negative, I am okay."

On being uncertain on how much playing time he will get week-to-week: "Yeah, it's going to vary week-to-week depending on the flow of the game. That is something I totally understand. The important thing is for the offense to flow, to get into a rhythm, for those guys to build up a lead and for whenever I get out there, to provide for the offense as much as I can."

On whether he had a sense going into the game today that he was not going to be used as much as he had been his first game: "We can't determine how much I am going to be used. It all depends on the flow of the game, the field position and other things. I am just ready whenever my number gets called."

C Jamaal Jackson

On all the new players on offense and whether everybody is still trying to mesh: "We are still trying. It's going take a while to get fully acclimated as a unit, because we have so many guys injured and shuffling in and out. It takes time; it's not going to happen overnight. We tried to use the bye week to gain some of that, but it's a work in progress."

On whether it will start to come together when the team plays the divisional opponents: "We will want to have it come together for next week, but like I said, things like that don't happen overnight. We will take it week-by-week and practice-by-practice."

On how it felt to get Donovan back in the offense: "It felt good. From a mental standpoint for him, seeing him get back out there, take a few shots that he should not have taken, but seeing him withstand that and get out of the pocket, that is going to build more confidence for him."

On having the three, two-play drives: "Yeah, you don't expect that. You don't expect having going into the half having the ball for 8 minutes and being up 14. I guess it was good play calling on the coaches' part."

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