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Game Vs. Buccaneers: Locker Room - Defense

CB Asante Samuel

On the defensive penalties and overall play of the defense: "It was OK. We have to get a little more disciplined with the penalties. We played alright and gave up a couple plays but they have a good, young quarterback over there. I'm really impressed."

On his injury in the fourth quarter: "Cramped up a little bit."

On the interception at the end of the first half: "They were doing a sit down in the dig route and the quarterback led him to the outside a little bit. It tipped off his hands and I read it. I was trying to score but they were swarming around me."

On whether the defense could confuse QB Josh Johnson: "Of course you can. When there's a young quarterback with less experience, especially against our team with the way we blitz, but (Josh Johnson) is definitely going to be a good one."

On the constant pressure on QB Josh Johnson: "All I know is every game we're going after the quarterback. I don't know how many times a game it is, but that's our style. Aggressive, get after them, and make them nervous."

MLB Jeremiah Trotter

On how he feels about his play today: "Feels strange. I feel like I've been out of the game for about two years. I was joking with some of the guys and hit the ground running, 'choppin ax' all day. It feels a little awkward out there but it'll come as I get more reps to where it feels natural for me."

On what he feels he needs to work on right now: "Surprisingly, the game wasn't fast for me. I was thinking about that during the week that the game was going to be too fast for me. It didn't feel fast, the game was slowed down. I just reacted. It'll come from learning the defense more and getting comfortable with the guys out there. The guys up front, when they ran the ball, they had them down before I could even get to them. If your defensive line is making a lot of tackles, that's a good thing."

On how he prepared throughout the week:"I stayed pretty calm all week. I didn't get much sleep last night so I'm pretty sure I'll make up for tonight."

On how much it felt like 'old times' while playing today: "It felt like old times out there. I went through a lot of emotions out there. I was a little more calm than I thought I would be."

On his overall play today: "When I was in there, they were running and passing some. They really didn't move the ball and I just took what they gave me. I had one missed tackle and I think I made one tackle. I was joking with (Joe) Mays, 'I think you made more plays than I did, and you didn't even dress.' I was talking to (Michael) Vick and he said that he felt like he was going to come off the streets and hit the ground running but that's why it's the NFL, it's hard to do."

On coming out last during introductions: "It was pretty emotional. I got the word that they were going to introduce me and I was happy. I've always wanted to come out last but when you're playing with Brian Dawkins, you're never going to come out of the tunnel last."

CB Ellis Hobbs

On what he feels he needs to work on: "I definitely think I need to work on some things, as a competitor. Someone who is always trying to critique himself, I think that I have plenty to work on in my game. I think everyone individually feels the same way. Collectively as a team, we have a lot of room to improve."

On how a team can develop and prove itself mid-season: "It's still so early to judge anything because as important as each game is right now, once you get to November and December, it all doesn't matter anymore. The teams that start off so fast and so well, sometimes ends up on the tail end of it and when you go out there, you have to understand as you get along in the season, the more crucial the games get, especially for us as we approach our divisional games."

On how important it is to win certain games by large margins: "I think the score is important but I think it's more important to be fundamentally sound. When you go out there and say that you didn't play to your opponent's level, meaning you were in the right positions, you were making the right calls. You were doing what you needed at the right time. The score dictates that. We have the athletic talent and ability. No one can hold us in that department. We have to continue to get better mentally and buckle down on the little things."

DE Darren Howard

On the overall play of the defense today:"I think we had too many penalties, we have to get back to fundamentals and our discipline. I think we did a good job at stopping the run. The quarterback got out on us a couple times. We depended a lot on our cornerbacks because we did show a lot of blitz, where we were bringing seven or eight guys, but that shows that we have a lot of confidence in our defensive backs and secondary and they were able to make some catches out there."

On how much faith the defense has in their defensive backs: "We have one of the better groups of cornerbacks in the league. One on one, they do a good job of locking guys down. We depend a lot of those guys and they come up for us more times than not."

On how the team can evaluate themselves at this point in the season: "I look at it as we did what we're supposed to do. We've won the games we're supposed to win. Every game is hard to win out here, these guys are the best of the best. No matter what the team's record is, anybody can beat anybody. Just knowing that we went out there and took care of business."

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