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Game Vs. Buccaneers: Head Coach Andy Reid

On injuries sustained during the game: "(CB) Dimitri Patterson has a quad strain and he'll have an MRI in the morning. (CB) Ellis Hobbs has a wrist sprain and he'll have an MRI in the morning. (CB) Asante Samuel has a calf strain and he'll likely have an MRI in the morning."

On the victory: "I'd like to just thank the fans for their support. It was a great crowd and a great day for football. Tampa Bay…the old saying is that it's never as bad as you think, and never as good as you think. I think that holds true. Raheem (Morris) is doing a nice job as head coach there. He's a young guy who is doing it the way he wants to do it. He has some young players who are playing their hearts out, and they have a great energy on that football team. On our side, we had too many penalties. Every win is a good win in the National Football League, but we have to sharpen it up. We had way too many penalties. It was good to get (QB) Donovan (McNabb) back in there, and I thought he played well. (WR) Jeremy (Maclin) had a pretty nice day out there and caught the ball well. In order for all of those guys to do their jobs, (the offensive line) has to do a nice job. Defensively, the turnovers and interceptions were big. I thought Asante (Samuel) and (CB) Sheldon (Brown) came up big there. All in all, it was a good day, but there are plenty of things to work on before next week."

On whether WR Jeremy Maclin could possibly retain his starting position even when WR Kevin Curtis is healthy: "We'll see. It was a great job by Jeremy. It's great to have two players that we know can play that well."

On the return of QB Donovan McNabb from injury: "He felt pretty good. He took a couple of hits, but not many. There weren't a lot of times that he got hit. He tweaked it a little bit, and from a confidence standpoint, you never want him hit, but it was good that (he did get hit) and felt comfortable coming out of it. I saw him run the football, and I wasn't sure that would be quite as much of his game today as it was early. He did a nice job with it and was smart getting out of bounds."

On whether opposing defenses are focusing more on WR DeSean Jackson and TE Brent Celek: "You saw them roll to the strong side and play inside-out on DeSean with man coverage and safety help. They were pushing a lot towards that strong side, so we mixed things up a little bit and we were able to utilize some mismatches there with Jeremy (Maclin) because of the coverage."

On the offensive plays run from the wildcat formation: "I don't have the stats with me right off, but it doesn't jump off on me like it was phenomenal today. I didn't think it was as productive as it was (in past games), but I have to look at the stats. (The media) is probably sitting there with the stats already knowing the answer to that question. It wasn't blowing up my blouse out there."

On whether today's game plan called for the use of fewer wildcat plays: "It's part of the offense. Some plays in the offense you use at certain times according to the way they're playing you (defensively), and at other times you don't. We used it as much as we wanted to use it according to what they were doing (defensively) and what we felt we could get done."

On why Michael Vick was inserted at quarterback instead of Kevin Kolb after Donovan McNabb was removed from the game: "I wanted to give him some game reps there. Kevin has had the game reps. Michael needs that, and I think he's at that point where he could utilize some snaps there."

On whether the play of WR Jeremy Maclin will prevent future opponents from rolling coverage to WR DeSean Jackson and TE Brent Celek: "It just depends on what they figure their matchup situations are according to their personnel."

On whether he plans to consistently rotate Brian Westbrook and LeSean McCoy at the running back position: "We'll see. Like I said, this is all just easing (Westbrook) back in and getting Brian back to where he is comfortable. He came out of this one healthy and good, so that's a plus."

On the return to action by LB Jeremiah Trotter: "He ended up with 20 plays, and that was right about where we wanted to get him – somewhere between 20-25. I think it was good for him. He'll be the first to tell you he's been sitting on a couch, and when you come off the couch and play, the game is a little quicker. That's good. He got in and mixed it up. He had a couple of nice stops in there. It was good for him. He plugged his gap, and I thought it was good for him to get back in the swing."

On how much he plans to play Trotter in the future: "We'll see how he does. If I could get him 20 (plays) today, I was happy with that. We'll just see what next week holds for him."

On earning his 100th career head coaching victory: "I'd rather have 100 than none, so I'm not going to tell you that it's not nice. I appreciate (the media) asking, but I'm not (focusing on it)."

On the play of Tampa Bay QB Josh Johnson: "I really like that quarterback. He's a smart kid. We were putting a lot of pressure on him, and he hung in there and he threw it to the right spots the majority of the time. Things will work out well for him down the road. He's a talented kid…very talented."

On the decision to activate DT Antonio Dixon while deactivating DT Trevor Laws: "It was a matter of numbers there. We had a couple of things in for Dixon where his size and push were going to help us. That's not necessarily the way it's going to be every week, but for this game we went that way."

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