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Game Vs. Browns: Quarterback Robert Griffin III


On his first game after being away:

"Yeah, you know, we wanted to get the win and that's all that matters.  We came up short today, and it started with me.  We just have to play better and put us in better situations.  We can't turn the ball over, and we'll work on those little things to make sure we can continue to improve."

On the hit he took when trying to get out of bounds on the sideline:

"Yeah the guy kind of surprised me there on the sideline trying to get out of bounds.  It was an unfortunate play.  Just trying to score a touchdown and put us in a position to have a chance to win the game.  It hurt pretty bad but I felt like I had to get back out there and finish the battle with my teammates out on the field."

On his shoulder after the hit, and how it will affect him for next week's game:

"It all hurt.  It just surprised me there on the sideline that I was trying to get out of bounds.  The play happened, and you just have to move on from it.  You know, a sprained shoulder, just have to monitor it and see how it goes.  I can move my left arm.  I'm in pain, but it will be ok, just have to monitor it.  We'll see more tomorrow and see how my shoulder is feeling and just move on from there."

On his decision to not slide out of bounds on that play:

"Yeah, like I said I was trying to get out of bounds, and he kind of just surprised me there.  I feel like I did a decent job of protecting myself recently and wanted to continue that.  But in the heat of that moment it kind of just surprised me."

On if he thought the hit was unnecessary:

"I couldn't tell you; I would have to watch the tape to see where I was and what happened.  Everyone's out there fighting for one cause and that's to win.  Their side is fighting to win, we are fighting to win, so I couldn't actually accurately project that."

On fixing the snaps:

"We'll fix it.  I talked to [C] Cam [Erving] and we are relying on Cam a lot this year, and he knows that.  He's a big part of our offense.  Him and myself touch the ball every single play, so we'll get it handled and get it fixed, and I'll make sure that happens."

On if he did not see the defense during the hit he took when trying to get out of bounds:

"No, I was just trying to get out of bounds.  He kind of flashed up on me at the last second, and I tried to protect myself."

On the dropped passes:

"I don't know; those things happen every now and then, and you just have to try and limit them.  I know those guys are out there fighting as hard as they possibly can.  So the guys that did have that – we are relying on those guys to make good plays for us, and they are going help our offense be really really success and help our team win games.  It's just something that we can't have happen.  They know that, and we'll still keep going back to them and giving them opportunities to make plays."

On WR Andrew Hawkins pass to the end zone after the field goal:

"I left it long and it was all on me.  He ran a great route; I just have to hit him on that.  That's an opportunity to give us a touchdown; 7 points instead of 3, and I have to make that play."

On Eagles defense:

"I think they mixed it up the entire game.  They pressed, played off… they had a good game plan, and we knew it.  It's just a matter of us going out and executing plays we need to execute.  Like I said, it's starts with me.  I didn't do a good enough job helping us manage the game and get those completions."

On his opinion on Eagles QB Carson Wentz's performance:

"I didn't watch him that much, but I'm happy for him, his family, and his team.  The Eagles did a great job.  They won the game, and I'm sure they're happy in their locker room, and we have to make sure we have that feeling next week."

On building on this game for next game:

"It's just about running each play and helping the team win.  That's what we try to go out there and do, and we didn't do that today… I didn't do that today.  But, you take it week by week, and next week we have Baltimore [Ravens] at home, and have an opportunity to win the game, and that's all we are focused on now."

On the game being close early on and how it got away from them:

"We had opportunities to win, and we were on the wrong side of the momentum.  We didn't do a good enough job; I didn't do a good enough job of helping us secure that momentum back.  But it's a funny game when you get out there, and it's all about managing the situation, and I have to go a better job of that."

On the offense being more efficient:

"I can't turn the ball over.  We have to move the ball effectively and be able to get the ball to our playmakers and run the ball effectively as well.  It's just about not hurting ourselves with penalties and turnovers."

On the catches WR Corey Coleman and WR Terrelle Pryor made:

"I'm proud of the guys on how they fought.  Even after they had a bad play they came back and made a play to make up for it.  That shows you the grittiness they have, and they're going to fight through anything."

On the importance of him getting back in the game after the hit:

"On the sideline, it was more about wanting to out there and finish the battle with my teammates.  It didn't matter what the score on the scoreboard was.  It was more about that moment and that desire to finish the battle with your teammates out there on the field."

On if he argued his case to go back in after that hit:

"No, we talked and came to a conclusion, and everybody was on board."

On the fake punt:

"That's Coach's [Brown's Head Coach Hue Jackson] decision.  He didn't ask me 'Hey Rob, should we fake this punt here,' so I'm on board with whatever Coach decides, and we want to go for it.  We're not trying to sit back and just take anything.  We're trying to go after wins; we just have to do a better job and make sure we make that happen."

On the play of his interception:

"It was a good play by the linebacker; obviously I would not throw it.  Corey was coming open and did a good job working his man and it was a good play by [LB Jordan] Hicks.  "

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