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Game Vs. Browns: QB Michael Vick

On where the offense is with opening week two weeks away: "I think we still have a lot of work to do. We're still doing a lot of different things on offense that will be suited to our strengths and we just have to work on it. It just takes time and everybody has to continue to gel and I think things will be ok."

On whether he felt better after this game after being out there longer: "Out there last week I still felt confident in my teammates and myself and our abilities to succeed as an offense.  And coming out of last week's game, I knew why I did the things that I did – trying to force balls and trying to do too much at certain times and that's something that you can't do. So I was able to learn from my mistakes and even after the game I knew why the things happened the way that they did. So now it's just about moving forward, forgetting about it, having a short-term memory and getting better each and every week."

On not getting any deep balls to WR DeSean Jackson: "In this game you have to take what the defense gives you. If they're playing 30 yards off then you're not going to be able to go deep. You have to take advantage of what you'll be able to get underneath.  You just have to let it develop.  It's a tough game. You have a lot of smart coaches around this league and smart players. So some times you just have to finesse it."

On whether teams are playing 30 yards off: "We're not trying to go deep as of right now.  Like I said, we're trying a lot of different things. And like I said, this is the time to do it. So DeSean will be fine. We'll get some guys back and it's kind of hard to stretch the field now, but it'll happen. We're not really trying to. We're working on things and everything will come together I think (in) week one."

On the challenges of not knowing who will be up front in the regular season: "It's not challenging at all. Every play, regardless of who is in the game, I have confidence in them. If they're talented enough to be on this level, then I'm expecting them to be able to go out and fulfill their responsibilities and expecting them to work just as hard as I am to try to get better. That's all it is, instilling confidence in one another, believing in one another. The minute you start to get down on a player or down talking, that's when they lose confidence. We want each and every guy to be confident and we want them to know that they are part of this team and we are one."

On whether he feels confident regardless of who is in the offensive positions: "Regardless of who it is, I'm going to give the defense fits anyway. It's just plain and simple. I'm saying it out of confidence, not arrogance. I trust those guys to get their jobs done. After four quarters, we're going to give teams everything that they want in four quarters. I believe in those guys and I'm going to instill that confidence in them and that's the way they're going to play. That's the way we have played."

On whether he feels that C Jason Kelce is becoming more confident: "Yeah, absolutely. You can't expect a guy to come in and be a Pro Bowl player in two games. That's just not the way this thing works. You've got so many responsibilities on offense as a center, so many things you have to learn, so many defenses and different looks that you're going to see and that's just part of the growing pains that we all have to go through in this league. You can't expect somebody to come out and perform at a high level when they've only had two or three games under their belt. It's going to take time. It's going to take plenty of reps, it's going to take mistakes. We all learn from our mistakes. I made four or five of them tonight that I'll have to learn from. We just take pride in what we do at getting better. That's why I think we're going to be one of the best teams in this league this year."

On whether they are doing anything this year to get RB LeSean McCoy more catches: "I think LeSean is going to have a big year this year. I think the new things that we're doing are going to help him tremendously in contributing to this offense. I'm confident in LeSean and what he is doing and I'm excited to see that he is moving around each and every day just like everybody else. We've got a lot of humble guys in our locker room who just want to be the best football players that they can be and LeSean is one of them."

On how much better McCoy can get: "You can always be better. You'll never know it all as a quarterback.  You'll never know it all as a running back and you can be 35 years old and still learn something new. So I think the sky's the limit for each and every guy in that locker room and we're just trying to put our best foot forward. Trying to play the best football that we can play and just trying to work on bringing a championship to Philadelphia. That's our goal."

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