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Game Vs. Browns: Locker Room Offense

WR Desean Jackson

On whether he believes the offense is ready for the regular season: "I think we are very close. We have about a week or so until the regular season comes. With the time we have I think we will be in good shape to go."

On whether he is okay with QB Michael Vick spreading the ball around tonight: "I think that is a big thing. We are just trying to find a groove right now, especially after last week and the interceptions that Mike threw. We just want to make it simple with quick reads. Vick is coming to the line on every play and making checks. He is getting smarter on the line."

On the pressure Michael Vick was under tonight: "That is the biggest thing right now. We are trying to work up front and make calls and checks. Any time he might look like he's under pressure, it's new for the line and new for Vick to make checks and make calls. He is getting a lot more intelligent with the things he's doing. He's not just coming to the line as a playmaker, he's getting smarter and making calls. It's taking time, but he's heading and the right direction and we are going the right way."

On whether RB LeSean McCoy gets so many receptions because defenses have to focus on receivers: "First of all, you can't take credit from him. He's a great running back. I think having (WR Jeremy) Maclin, Vick, (TE Brent) Celek and myself helps him. We have a lot of options. Whoever is open is going to make a play."

WR Jason Avant

On being the only receiver to catch a ball in the first half: "We got McCoy going. Our running backs historically are known to catch a lot of passes. We don't really worry about getting the ball as much as we worry about winning. There are going to be times that the offensive line in the new schemes are jelling, but I think we are going to be fine. I think that we are in good position, but we still have to iron out some kinks. As receivers, offensive line, and quarterback, every position has work to do."

On whether Vick checking down more is a sign of him progressing or a struggling offensive line: "The thing about it that it's good to check down and the other thing is that the backs that we have, they convert long check downs. They are usually right at the 1st down marker if they are not converting it. The check down in this offense is not a bad thing. We have elusive guys like McCoy and a powerful guy like (RB) Ronnie (Brown). I think that it's not a bad thing getting them the ball. They can make things happen.

G Todd Herremans

On where he feels this team is right now in terms of being ready for the regular season: "We're making progress; obviously we're better than last week. We came out a little more ready to play today than we did last week. We just have to circle the wagons and get everyone in line and play ball."

On what it will take to sure-up the offensive line to keep QB Michael Vick safe in the pocket: "That's just going to come the more that we work together. The more reps we take together—I think we took almost 40 snaps tonight, which was solid and we needed that. As we progress and the more we can do as a unit, the more complete and better we'll be together."

On whether it's unusual not knowing who the starting center is yet and if he needs to know in order to know his role on the offensive line: "I have to be ready for whoever they put out there. I'll focus on left guard and whoever they put next to me—Jason (Peters) will be at left tackle and whoever they put next to me on the other side, we'll just ride with it."

C Jason Kelce

On the improvements on the offensive line: "Continued reps – it's preseason right now. We're still trying to get cohesion because there are two new guys in there. Some of it was poor communication between the offensive line and everybody else. Some of it's just poor communication among the offensive line in general. We're trying to get better each and everyday and I think that's the goal right now."

On whether QB Michael Vick said anything to the offensive line in the huddle about being under pressure: "No, Mike's not that type of guy. He's worried about what he's doing and he'll never say anything to us. We're definitely talking in the huddles as an offensive line and saying, 'Hey, guys, this is ridiculous. He's getting hit.' (G) Todd (Herremans) and (T Jason Peters) are there for leadership, and they've been playing for a couple years."

T King Dunlap

On the main thing he has to work on: "I would say just everything. Everybody needs to learn the offense as a whole, knowing what to do, being on the same page and getting all the calls down. You know, with the no huddle stuff it kind of makes it a little easier. So, we're still working on that everyday and trying to get better every week."

On staking his claim as the starter at right tackle: "I believe so. I need to get back and watch the film to know for sure. But I thought I did pretty well. You always have to watch the tape to make sure what you really did."

On his thoughts on rookie RG Danny Watkins: "Oh Danny, he's learning. He's only been playing football for a couple of years and he's a rookie, so he has to learn the offense and the game at the same time. We're bringing him along as we go. He's learning everyday and getting better everyday. He's picking it up, so it won't be long before he has it completed."

On the huddle with rookie C Jason Kelce instead of C Jamaal Jackson: "It was the same. No matter who's in there we try to move the ball up and down the field and do what we're supposed to do as an offensive line. Whether it's Jamaal or Kelce in there, it's all the same to us."

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