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Game Vs. Browns: Locker Room Defense

DT Mike Patterson

On whether there was a psychological hurdle he had to get over regarding his seizure: "No, it was real easy just for the fact that the doctors told me that it will have no effect on it. It's real easy for me to tune everything out and go out there and play."

On whether he could have scripted the game any better after a sack in his return: "Most definitely, most definitely. I didn't realize that they accepted the penalty at first until they came back and reviewed it. It felt good though. It feels real good just to be out there with the fellas."

MLB Casey Matthews

On whether tonight was an improved performance for himself: "I definitely felt better this week. I obviously felt more comfortable. Last week against the Steelers was really my first week. I think it was only seven or eight plays, so I really couldn't get in a rhythm. I definitely felt more comfortable this week and knew what to expect. I felt like it slowed down a lot—That's what I feel was the biggest change from last week to this week and I was getting more blocks and making plays."

CB Nnamdi Asomugha

On whether he feels the team is ready to get out there for Week 1: "Yeah, I think we're ready. Obviously we have another two weeks to go and that's going to help us out. I think based on the progress that we've shown, I think everyone's pretty confident with where we're at right now. Obviously we're going to continue to get better, but where we're at right now, it looks pretty good."

On whether he feels improvement in the adjustments he's had to make so far: "Yeah it was. I went in there and played on the inside against receiver, against tight ends, back-deep, played a corner—So, anytime you're doing all of that, it might take a little tome to get it down, but I think today was the best any of us have done out there as far as communication and technique—So, it was good."

S Jarrad Page

On picking up the defensive scheme: "Yeah, I've been able to pick things up fairly quickly. Defensive systems are similar somewhat. The things that are different are the terminology, the little tweaks and how you play certain things. My experience in the league, you know, has helped me a lot to be able to grasp what's going on and how I've had to learn basically new words – what this is called and what this called. I think it's been going fairly smooth."

On his defensive stops on Browns RB Peyton Hillis: "That's a big guy right there and he's a big, athletic guy. If you get caught going low on him, he'll just jump over you. I got a little bit of weight (on him), so I'll go ahead and hit him up high. I know my defense is coming too."

On whether the defense is expected to do any better than it did tonight: "You always try to be perfect and that's never happened in the NFL. There are always things that we could've done better, there are things I could've done better and there are things as a defense, as a whole, we could've done better. We'll find those things out when we go back and watch the film. Of course you're happy when you come in here at halftime and you got a shutout going. When we watch the film there are definitely going to be things that we have to correct. We have to try to get better each day."

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