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Game Vs. Browns: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Opening Statement:"Let me just start with the injuries, Jordan Norwood hurt his eye so they're evaluating his eye. Marcus Benard has an elbow injury so he's being treated for that. For the most part, that's what we're dealing with today. When you come out of the preseason games there are a couple of objectives. At the end of the day while you're playing, we're all coaches and players and we're trying to win the game. Now, when you look at it there are reasons why you win and there are reasons why you lose. There are certain fundamentals and principles in football that you can't break them and then expect to win. We turned the ball over three times. They got 17 points on us and only had to drive the ball 29 yards. That right there could be the story. We get a punt blocked and it happened by a guy that's been involved with the punt team for a long, long time. These are little things that we have got to get cleaned up. Turnovers and a punt block, you just can't have it. Then you get the results that we got tonight.

There were some encouraging things I would say. I think each game, we're starting to see Josh Gordon make more and more plays. I thought (Brandon) Weeden stood in there and did some good things. Colt McCoy, he had some energy and led us on a scoring drive. I don't think we ran the ball nearly well enough. There are reasons for it and we have got to look at that before we play these guys again. Then I thought there were some things on defense. It was good to see Joe (Haden) get an interception. I think he's had an outstanding training camp. He's doing the things he needs to do to be an impact this year on our defense. It was good for him to get an interception. I thought there were some guys on special teams that stood out and made some plays, some of the younger guys. I saw (Johnson) Bademosi run down there, he had a little life. I told the players I thought we played a little bit more enthusiastically last week and not as well this week. There are just things we need to work on.

I also told the players that I'm tired of people saying training camp is over. It's not over. Training camp is a steady climb to your first game and we have two more weeks left. I don't care where they're sleeping, it doesn't matter if you're sleeping at home or if you're sleeping in a hotel, we've got two weeks of work left to get this team to the place we need to be to play the season. All that being said, we have got a lot to work on. We are good enough to beat anybody, but if we don't play good enough, we're good enough to get beat by anybody. I think we made some errors tonight and did some things you can't do in football and win the game and that's where that's at."   On if anything happened to the offensive line: "Did anything happen to them? No, they're fine."

On if the problems with the offensive line were the defense's speed:"No.  I don't think it had anything to do with that. We need to execute better, run the plays we call better and call better plays.  That's it. It's real simple."On if Weeden has issues holding the ball too long in the pocket: "Ball security in the pocket is very important. Most of the fumbles in games really come by the quarterback in the pocket and of course ball security is primary. He needs to do a better job with that."   On Montario Hardesty struggling tonight:"I think he's played better, but I want to look at it and see because good runs involve blocking. We got to block them well and then of course the runner has got to hit the holes and run with vision. I'm going to reserve judgment on that until I watch the tape. We just need to run the football better. I think that's fair to say after tonight."On what happened when Weeden was sacked and fumbled the ball: "It was a screen pass. I think we need to execute it. When you screen, the guard leaves, but the timing has to be right. It's one of those deals where if you get the ball completed it's a touchdown. We don't execute it properly and its sack-fumble."

On how he accounts for the offensive line having two holding penalties:"I think you get holding calls sometimes, right? I feel the road you're going down here Tony (Grossi). I think we didn't play well enough as a team. I think there were mistakes in the offensive line. I think there were mistakes in the tight end corps, I think there were mistakes at receiver, running back and quarterback. We need to execute better. I don't think there's a finger to be pointed there except to the whole crew, including me."           On CB Sheldon Brown's coverage skills: "He can do that, Sheldon can cover. He was in good position, he's just got to make a play on the ball and that's all. No reason to panic or do anything. He's playing hard and he's in good position, he'll make the plays."On if tonight affects the way he looks at this team:"Obviously, they took a knee with two minutes and I didn't use my timeouts. There were a lot of things going on in this game on both sides with us playing each other in two weeks factored in. That's what I think what you need to do when you look at this game is look at it for what it is and evaluate each play and how we can run each play better. The philosophy of how you play it, whether you run it, whether you throw it, what types of runs, what types of passes, whether you pressure or whether you don't. None of that stuff matters. What matters is did we execute and I think we fell short in some ways."    On if he worries about the loss: "I'm not worried or concerned about anything so the concerned and worried questions, hold those and think of other things to ask me."On what caused the blocked punt:"We had an error on the inside.  That's what happened and a guy came free. I said that earlier."         On if it is disappointing that the special teams did not play well:"I'm not worried, disappointed or concerned. We're going to get it fixed. Again, I don't mean to be short. Let's look at it for what it is, we need to play better. I'm encouraged because I got a bunch of guys in there that when I talk to them after the game, I could see their jaws lock and understand what we need to get done. I'm looking forward to them having their day off and getting back to work. I think we have got a crew here that understands the message."

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