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Game Vs. Browns: Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening statement: "As far as injuries go, we have (Curtis) Marsh with a hamstring and we'll see how he does.  Listen, every game that you can win in the National Football League is a good game.  My hats off to (Pat Shurmur) and the Cleveland Browns. I thought they played a heck of a game.  Obviously, the turnovers on our part were too much, along with the penalties so we've got to take care of that.  (Mike Vick) had a few turnovers, but the key was at the end there he drove us down the field and we won the game.  I'll take the win.  We've got plenty of things to work on and that's what we're going to do."

On not using LeSean McCoy and the running game a lot early on: "You know what, we probably could have done a little bit more of that early.  We had fumbles and that early and we got away from it, but as it's all said and done we probably could have run a little bit more early."

On why they didn't run more earlier on: "Well we thought we saw some things there from the past game and they were giving us some coverages we thought we could take advantage of.  We hit the one before the half and we thought we could come back and get them again here."

On how much Vick not playing in the finals preseason games played into his performance: "I thought he was rusty.  I'm stating the obvious, but I thought he was rusty, I thought it was important that he get back in the swing and work his way through it and he did.  He kept competing, he kept shooting, which you've got to do, and it came up on the positive side."

On if he ever thought about bringing in Nick Foles: "No, I just thought he had to work through it.  He's our quarterback so you've got to do that.  The game is fast and it picks up off of the preseason and he didn't have any preseason.  This was an important game for him to get in and play, endure and toughen it out, which he did.  That's what you saw,  If you take a positive out of this, you saw good defense and a tough football team that hung and there and trusted each other.  Nobody pointed fingers and we came out on the positive side of things."

On if Vick can endure a whole season: "Well, we'll see.  We'll see how it all works out.  He's coming out of this one healthy so we'll take them one at a time here and see how it all works out."

On the offensive line struggling early on: "We had the penalties, we had the holding calls early and I thought we settled down a little bit in the second half, but it's just a matter of making sure you're moving your feet after you make contact.  Their defensive line is one of the strengths of their football team.  It's a good defensive line and you've got to use your good technique properly there."

On Jeremy Maclin: "He got banged up a little bit, nothing where he couldn't come back. He toughened it up, and he's going to be sore tomorrow, real sore, but he toughened it up and made it through."

On the offense sticking together on that last drive: "The positive parts for my side were, like I said, I thought the defense played very well. Then I thought the offense hung together throughout and it was all positive energy going on, 'Hey, we just need to this done, or this done, or this done.' They gelled at the end there and put it together.  The other positive of that was the defense was right there saying, 'Hey, here we go, here we go,' and when it flopped over and the defense had that opportunity to stop them at the end there the offense was all in.  Nobody was hanging their head, everybody was keeping it positive and working so you can build with that.  You can build with that attitude.  That's what we've got to do and we've got a lot of things we need to take care of here."

On how much he attribute Brandon Weeden's struggles to him being a rookie: "I mean it would be like writing a good article and putting a comma in the wrong spot.  I think it's still a good article.  I think the defense played well, give them credit."

On DeMeco Ryan's first game and being in for almost every snap: "Yeah, DeMeco did and he did a nice job, he played on all three downs. He hasn't done that for a few years so the other guys were ready to go.  I thought he made big play after big play.  That's what he is, that's what he's done throughout his career, he's healthy, he came out of camp healthy, he was able to get his legs back, and the young guys spotted him during the week. They were ready to go if he got tired where he felt like he had to sneak out of there for a play or two.  They were ready to go."

On giving up 16 points off of five turnovers and if he feels like he stole one here: "I'll tell you, we did enough negative things where it's tough to win a game, but we kept battling and good things happen.  There's going to be games like this in this league that are close.  There is way to much parody in this league to say this teams not and good and so on and so on.  You'll have games like this, you've got to battle through and have the intestinal fortitude to keep fighting and they did that."

On Rodgers-Cromartie coming back in the game: "He went back in on the punt return and I was getting him out of there so he could just shake that thing off.  You've got those shoulders and sometimes they act up so we were trying to get them back right."

On Rodgers-Cromartie making a lot of big plays: "He made a lot of big plays in there.  I thought he did a nice job.  I thought (Nnamdi Asomugha) did a nice job too.  Dominique had a couple of the turnovers there.  He played well."

On if they did anything different on the last drive: "We eliminated the mistakes really.  When you have penalties on a drive the chances of you maintaining that drive as a scoring drive are slim.  You accumulate this many penalties, it's tough to win football games so we eliminated the mistakes.  We came in at halftime and we had a ton of yards, but we not a lot of points.  You get rid of the penalties and you can do some things and they're productive you can score points.  You have all those penalties and you negate a lot of opportunities to score."

On what they can do to make the protection better: "It's collective.  It's everybody doing their job better.  I thought Dick Jauron called a heck of a game, I really did.  I thought he was able to really dial up some good things today.  He got a few good shots on (Michael Vick).  There are some things we could do better. We've just got to go back and work on them."

On defending against Joshua Cribbs: "You're talking about one of the best in the business.  He had a few good returns there. He's a big old kid and tough to bring down so our guys moved their target down a little bit. Instead of taking him on up high where he breaks a lot of tackles, getting down on his legs where you have a better chance of getting him down.  Most of all we were flying down the field which you've got to do and it starts with that."

On the run defense: "I'll tell you what another one of their strengths is their offensive line and they've got a heck of a running back there.  I thought (Juan Castillo) dialed it up right, I thought our guys got up in there, and played well at the line of scrimmage.  I thought the d-line and linebackers controlled things the right way up there and made it tough to run on."

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