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Game Vs. Browns: Browns HC Pat Shurmur

Opening statement: "Alright, let me just start with injuries. (LB) Archie Donald, I'll start you, at the end of the game, he had a stinger. And in case you missed it, just on the first kickoff, (LB) Titus Brown got an ankle and so we're evaluating how serious both those injuries are and we'll get back to you with that.

Otherwise, I think the story of the first half was the turnovers. We had a frequent on the punt, that happens very… (CB) Sheldon Brown's blocking his guy and then he gets blocked into the returner who's making a fair catch. So, that's unfortunate. You know, obviously we want the interception back, alright. Anyways, those led to points. And so you're looking at…against a good football team, you can't turn the ball over and I think that's the story of the deal.

There were some good things, (RB) Montario Hardesty was in the game and he ran the ball five times, so he got five touches in I don't know exactly how many plays, probably eight or ten plays. So that was good, that's his first action. (RB) Peyton Hillis came back from his sore back and actually competed extremely well—caught the ball and ran the ball. I liked the way some of the guys showed up well in the second half. You know, we had two long scoring drives. I think that indicated that there's some improvement there. So with that being said, it's still…you can't make mistakes against a good football team and survive it. And I think that's the message. That's what I have."

On DL Phil Taylor's strong game: "Yeah, he did. He had a sack, he forced a fumble. I think he's making steady improvement getting to level of play that we expect from him. I think that was good."

On how he feels seeing the last significant action from his starters: "Well, I think you like to put points up on the board. I think that's important. I think there was defensively, we've seen, and again we had some guys out, some key guys, but I think defensively, we had guys that were in there battling pretty good, challenging throws, chasing (QB) Michael Vick around. And that's all good, you just got to produce on offense and keep from scoring. I've said it all along, we got a lot of work to do. We have two weeks now, we have one more preseason game against the Bears where we'll get some guys work and learn more about our team and then we'll solidify the roster and get ready to play the Bengals. But we got two weeks left of work to do, and so that's important."

On whether the offensive errors were caused by the Eagles defense or if they were unforced: "Well I think they're good on defense, it's probably a combination. We had a couple of deep balls, one we caught that we PI-ed and then we had another one. I think (TE) Evan Moore had a chance to…you know, you got to hit on those. You don't get many opportunities against a good defense and when you get them, you got to connect. And so those are field position changers which keep drives going and all that business. So you just got to do it."

On LB D'Qwell Jackson penalty: "I observed it. I'll leave it that."

On if TE Evan Moore's reps were limited because of his concussion: "No, I mean he played a steady, steady amount. He was in there sharing the reps with (TE) Ben Watson. But no, not at all. He played through the first half like the rest of the guys."

On Montario Hardesty's knee: "Yeah, after he came out of the game, he was feeling pretty good about himself. He got in there, got banged around a little bit, had a couple nice runs. And so, that's important when you're coming back from injury, that first amount of work and I feel good about that."

On the field goal block: "Yeah, we got beat off the edge. You know, so we got to solidify that. And that's, again we're in scoring position there. We actually had a ball in the endzone to (RB) Peyton Hillis, we got to make those plays. And then so we line up to kick a field goal, we got to make the field goal."

On QB Colt McCoy's performance: "Yeah I think if you'll ask him, there were a couple plays in there he'd like to have back, mainly the pick. But I think for the most part, he battled and there's something to learn from every game and this was a good defense, like the first two we played and we got to perform better."

On the play passing to Hillis in the endzone: "Well, it's a play that we run, but it's a new formation. There was one, one tight end, three receivers, yup."

On focusing on getting players healthy: "Well I think yeah, hopefully we'll get guys back that ares a little bit injured so that they're back at practice so that they can improve with the rest of the team and I think that's the focus as we move forward. And they're two key weeks, the weeks will be a little different than the normal training camp, but nonetheless, there'll be some very important work that we'll need to get done."

On DB Dimitri Patterson's injury: "He's got an ankle. He didn't practice much this week, so I didn't really anticipate that he was going to play."

On the defense against Michael Vick: "Yeah, he scrambled out a couple times, but I thought they were, for the most part, they were pretty disruptive. Michael, you know, you're not going to contain him the whole game. He's going to get his production because he's a rare, special athlete who's playing quarterback extremely well. So I think that's what you get when you play against a guy like Michael Vick and it's a good challenge, a really good challenge."

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