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Game Vs. Broncos: SS Quintin Mikell

On the team coming up with a score or a stop when it needed it:"It's funny, you know me and (CB) Sheldon (Brown) were talking on the sidelines. It was like, that was a typical "Dawk" kind of game. Our defense has struggled - big hits, fumbles, but never ending, never giving up. It's funny how it turned out that way. I'm just proud that we rallied as a team, as a defense. We had some bad plays, but we stepped it up when we needed it to and I'm proud of the way we came back there."

On the adjustments made to counter Denver's short screen plays: "You know, they were really running the heck out of the play. When you look at it, it's a good play. It's almost like a run, you get the ball in (RB Brandon) Marshall's hands and try to let him create something with it. It's a nice, easy quick pass if we have a blitz on, or if we have man or whatever. I think, we said looking at you guys, just sometimes you got to shoot it. And he actually did that the one time and made a big play on it. It was a 4-yard loss or something like that and I don't think we saw it again after that. That's what we do as a defense – we try to adjust to what teams are doing.

On what the defense was thinking when the Eagles punted on 4th & 1: "Yeah, that's where we want to be. I'm glad that Coach (Andy) Reid punted because it showed confidence in us. It showed confidence that we could get the job done and I think I'm really proud of that, that we stepped up as a defense. These are, I keep saying the type of situations that you're going to need to be in down the line."

On WR Jeremy Maclin's sideline catch in the 4th quarter: "That was big-time right there. That shows how good he is as a player and that's the kind of plays you want you're rookies making down the stretch, so I'm proud of him. He did a great job, got his feet in and it was perfect."

On how special WR Jeremy Maclin's catch was: "That was a big play. Like I said, I haven't seen too many rookies come into the league and make catches like that in critical situations. He had great concentration and it was a great job."

On what he thinks of the team after winning six-straight games: "I think we're getting there. I mean, obviously there's always stuff we can get better at, but you know, we're high right now. And I think that we have a lot of confidence. I think we feel like we can win any game and as long as we keep playing together and keep playing with fire and energy, we should hang with anybody, we can beat anybody. I'm excited right now and hopefully we can keep this thing going."

On what the defensive huddle was like before the last series: "We just said, "Look, you know (if) we stop them, we win the game." Not necessarily win the game, but if we stop them, we give our offense the chance to win the game. It was on us and that's what we wanted. I think everybody picked their game up, everybody got their energy and they were feeling "Look man, this is it. We got to put it down right now." And we did."

On whether Sheldon Brown deserves to be chosen for the Pro Bowl: "Absolutely. I believe that he deserves to be there. Him and (S) Asante (Samuel). Sheldon, he's been playing lights out. He's played through injuries. He's physical. He's always where he needs to be. Teams always try to test him deep, and he's always where he needs to be. He's making plays on the ball. And that guy right there, man, I have nothing but respect for him as a player and as a person."

On when Sheldon Brown made a hit early in the game and then pointed to Brian Dawkins: "Yeah, I didn't really talk to him about that, but I know what he was thinking. Just Dawk(ins) could appreciate a play like that. Hey look man, we balling over here. I know Dawk, the person that he his, he just smiled inside. Not necessarily that his own player was stopped and hurt a little bit, but that that's good football and Dawk really can appreciate that as a defensive back."

On whether he's been involved in a game with so many penalties and reviews: "I can't really remember a game like that, no. It was a little weird. I mean there was a lot of ups and downs and weird stuff going on, but we kept fighting and we came through."

On not getting discouraged when Denver scored 17 straight points: "Well, we got together on the sidelines. We knew that we were killing ourselves. We just said, "Look man, everyone tighten it up, everybody turn it up a notch." When we play top-notch and how we are supposed to play, nobody can beat us. We were like, "Look what happened in the first half. We were killing them. We had some slips ups and let them score and we just have to turn it back up."

On DE Trent Cole dictating what was happening in the first half: "He turned it up, man. You know, that guy, he's unbelievable. I'm glad he's on our squad because I think he's a dominate player."

On the adjustments made to counter Denver's short screen plays:"We changed up our calls a little bit. I don't want to tell you exactly what we did, but they were doing a lot of underneath stuff, getting the ball out quick and letting their guys try to make plays and really we just had to tighten up our coverage as a secondary and our linebackers did what they needed to do."

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