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Game Vs. Bills: Quarterback Tyrod Taylor

The Eagles returned to Lincoln Financial Field to face the Buffalo Bills in their first of three home games in December. View the full gallery here...

On what shifted between the first half and the second half:

"I think we moved the ball really well, but we shot ourselves in the foot a couple of times. The penalties of course definitely hurt us. You can't really have those and go out there and win. I think we moved the ball well and we were able to push the ball down the field. We just didn't capitalize at the end."

On what he was thinking at the end of the third quarter when things seemed to be moving in the right direction for them to win in the fourth:

"We had a chance to win at that point. We just didn't finish the game the way we wanted to. We left some plays out on the field. Like I said, with 15 penalties that's not a winning formula. We know that as a team it shot us in the foot. We shot ourselves in the foot early on in the season like that and we definitely can't have that type of game."

On whether he agrees with WR Robert Woods that they beat themselves rather than the Eagles beating them:

"Yes, I definitely do." 

On what happened on the throw to WR Sammy Watkins on the next to last possession:

"[Inaudible]. They wanted to push the route a little deeper. It was just miscommunication between us. Normally we're money on that route. We actually hit the same one on the left side. It was just a miscommunication between us." 

On his mindset on the last two drives of the game and if he went in thinking that he had to deliver under the circumstances:

"I go into every drive thinking that. Every drive is important for us, especially against a team like this because they're quick strikers on offense. Their offense is up tempo, so when you go into a game like this, every drive is important to us. My mindset is that every game is a money game for me, so my mindset doesn't change. I want to win every game and that's how I approach it."

On whether the last two drives was a moment he felt like he had to deliver under the circumstances:

"Definitely there are moments that you realize. Never let the moment get bigger than itself. Just go out there and play. Don't put too much on yourself. Just go out there and play football. Execute."

On whether the Eagles did anything defensively that the Bills offense wasn't fully ready for as a whole:

"Nope. The things that we have seen of them are the things that we ran. I thought we had a good game plan moving the ball up and down the field. It put us in a position to win the game at the end. A couple penalties along the way, a few missed third downs. We just can't shoot ourselves in the foot like I said."

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