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Game Vs. Bills: Quarterback Sam Bradford



On whether he feels more comfortable out on the field:**
"Yeah, I feel like over the past couple weeks or whatever it's been, I've gotten a lot more comfortable out there with what we're doing. I think everyone else has too, it seems. It's still not perfect. There are some things that we need to correct but it seems to be going in the right direction right now."

On what the bye week did for him:
"I think it allows you to have a chance to step back and look it from a different perspective. I'm not sure I changed a whole lot. Like I said earlier, I think I'm just getting more comfortable. I feel like my feet have been much better. I feel like my pocket movement has been much better. I feel like when I play with my feet in rhythm, good things usually happen. I feel like the past couple weeks, my feet have been pretty good."

On what happened to get the vertical game going today:
"Just kind of the coverage they were playing today. It was kind of like a quarters, zero look for some of the run stuff. But there really wasn't a deep safety in the middle of the field most of the game, so they were challenging us to throw it down field. We wanted to take some shots and fortunately we hit a few."

On what it was like watching TE Zach Ertz on his 41-yard catch in the fourth quarter:
"That was huge. You call that play thinking that you might get four and get the first down. He probably gets pushed out of bounds and we got first and ten. But for him to make the catch-and-run that he did, that's just a bonus. And it was pretty cool. It looked like he was never going to go down. And it's plays like that that really get us going and kind of spark us."

On whether quarterbacks like seeing the defense allowing deep passes:
"Yeah, absolutely. And we haven't seen a whole lot of it this year. It seems like everyone we play tries to keep everything in front of us and make us put together long drives. But today, they were giving it to us."

On whether the Bills showed those defenses on film:
"A little bit, yes. But more so today. I think their game plan today was kind of designed specifically for us."

On what happened on the third-down sack late in the fourth quarter:
"You know, I have to know that it's going to get down to the two minute [warning] regardless and I have to throw it away. I don't know how many yards I lost right there but I mean it's critical right there. Just a mental mistake. I should have thrown the ball away when there wasn't anything there."

On why he is playing at a higher level now than at the beginning of the year:
"I don't know. I think it's kind of hard to say, but I do feel better out there. I feel more comfortable out there, more confident in what we are doing. I think as a quarterback, when you are confident and you are able to just kind of let things rip, that's when you play your best."

On whether he was able to tune out the external noise this week:
"Yeah. I think that's been what's been really special about this team and this group for the past two weeks because I know there has been a lot of noise from outside the building. Especially after the Thanksgiving day game. But it doesn't seem to affect us. I think everyone did a great job at just staying focused and not letting any of that add anything extra to the game. I thought our preparation this week was great. And then to go out there and get another good team win tonight, it's huge."

On how important it is knowing that the team has its own destiny in its hands:
"I think that is all you can ask for. Obviously to start the year the way we did and kind of dig ourselves in a hole, it was unlikely that we would be in this position this late in the year. But for us to, like you said, control our own destiny where we don't have to depend on anyone else, and if we take care of our business, we will end up where we want to be. I think that's all you can ask for."

On his approach following the team's losses to Tampa Bay and Detroit:
"I think more than anything, as opposed to changing anything on the field, I think the past couple weeks I have just tried to provide leadership to this group. I don't think you can let what's happened in the past affect the way that you prepare for a game or alter your style. I think that's when you start to force things that aren't there. And that's when bad plays happen. As far as my play on the field, I have tried to keep that pretty much the same."

On whether this is how he expected the offense and himself to look:
"I still think there are some things that we can do better. I think that we can perform at a higher level. Obviously, we are still not great out there. But I think this is what I envisioned as far as us winning as a team, you know, what we have been able to do the past two weeks, to put two wins together. I think that is kind of what everyone was looking to see."

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