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Game Vs. Bills: Head Coach Chip Kelly

Q. Did you shake anybody's hand?

COACH KELLY: What's that? I shook Rex's [Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan] hand like I do after every game.

Q. Is this the kind of game, when you guys don't win early in the year, where you figured out how to win these close games and close them out a little bit?

COACH KELLY: I'm not really concerned with early in the year. I'm just really happy with the guys, how they played. I thought our defense did a really good job. Specifically we talked about being really good tacklers today, and I thought they did a decent job for the most part on that.

We struggled a little bit on the quarterback run but we knew that with [Bills QB] Tyrod [Taylor], he's such a nifty guy, you've got to contain the quarterback. I think we can do a little bit better job of that. But I don't think we'll face anybody as dynamic as him in terms of running the ball like that in these last couple coming up. But we got good contribution from our special teams and had a turnover caused and we got some points off of that. I thought overall, it was a good team win.

Q. How disruptive was DE Fletcher Cox and how many of those penalties do you think were because of him?

COACH KELLY: I thought Fletch, again, he has played really, really well. He did the same thing against the Patriots last week in terms of he spends a lot of time in the other team's backfield, and I think maybe sometimes the only thing they can do is try to hold him from getting in there. You know, he has been a very, very disruptive force for us and we think he's playing outstanding right now.

Q. How do you think QB Sam Bradford played and what was your vantage point on that?

COACH KELLY: I thought Sam played outstanding. He really put the ball on guys today. There really weren't any errant throws. We had a couple drops that if we caught those -- he did a great job. On the sack, I haven't had a chance to talk to him about it, but I don't know if he knew how much time was left. The punt would have run off in the amount of time to [the] two-minute [mark], but I think he was just trying to be a little bit cautious. But I haven't had a chance to discuss that last one with him.

Q. You were taking some shots down the field, of course with WR Nelson Agholor's touchdown and some others. What did you see there?

COACH KELLY: Well, they play a lot of zero coverage and those safeties are down in tight, so when they do that, you can't allow people to do that. You need to take some shots down the field. We hit Nelly [WR Nelson Agholor]; we missed two-on-one; we threw the ball over the top on the first play to Coop [WR Riley Cooper], just didn't come down with it.

But if people are going to play that style of defense, then you have to be able to go over the top on them. We hit a couple of them and it was big for us.

Q. Two weeks in a row you guys have played very well aggressively. Can you talk a little bit about the aggressiveness that you guys have had?

COACH KELLY: Yeah, I just think our team is playing together as a team. I think all three phases are playing well. Obviously, there are still things we always have to clean up and there are still things we can get better at, but we are playing really good team football. On the defensive side we're tackling well right now and we're getting a lot of contributions from our special teams. I got some big plays out of the offense today.

Q. How important was P Donnie Jones today?

COACH KELLY: Donnie was huge, and that's a really good point. He punted outstanding today. And I think really, we talk about trying to flip the field and punt and he really did. Some of those, it was just, 'Wow'. He was hitting some bombs out there. I don't know what his final stats were, but I think that, and combined with the guys covering on the outside, I thought our gunners did a really good job. The big play by [DB] Jaylen [Watkins] there obviously. But I think when we can cover when he's punting that well, it's really going to help us here.

Q. The running backs' playing time was split pretty evenly. RB DeMarco Murray got some short yardage stuff for you it looked like.

COACH KELLY: I think he got everything, whether it was first down, second down, third down. Again, Duce [running backs coach Duce Staley] was rolling those guys and they all merit playing time and they are all getting playing time.

Q. After Bills WR Sammy Watkins had that big touchdown early, what do you think of the job you guys did defensively?

COACH KELLY: I thought our guys did a really good job defensively. We knew we were going to be challenged. We knew we had to tackle well. We knew we had a quarterback that was mobile, and you have to be aware of him, but we have to stay in coverage and allow the rush to get home against him. But overall, I thought our defense played well.

Q. Bills RB LeSean McCoy had 63 yards on the ground the first half, not much after. Was there something that was done differently to limit him?

COACH KELLY: Nothing changed from first half to second half, but, overall, I thought our guys tackled real well on the defensive side of the ball.

Q. On that last play, what is S Ed Reynolds' responsibility there?

COACH KELLY: Catch the ball. He did it, so he gets a check. [Laughter] I mean he was a deep safety and they tried to go over the top and he has got to give the corner support on that and just made a great play, made a great range on the ball. Then he made a real good decision of we don't want to -- we practice that but sometimes you get excited and you start to try to run it back. We don't need him to run it back. We can run the clock out. I thought he made a real smart decision just to get down right there, and when he gets down we just put our offense on the field to line up and take a knee.

Q. It looked like Reynolds was looking at the sideline. Were you guys yelling for him to get down?

COACH KELLY: We were just cheering him on.

Q. On the big catch TE Zach Ertz, what did you see?

COACH KELLY: They were in press coverage in -- it was Huff [WR Josh Huff]. Huff was trying to run a slant and the guy had just had him wrapped up and he couldn't get through the whole thing. I think the guy covering Ertz ran into that whole pile up. I know the corner, Huff and the safety went flying. Huff was trying to get off the line of scrimmage, but they weren't letting him get off the line of scrimmage, and Zach not only made a great catch, but a great run after the catch and that was obviously a huge play for us at that point in time.

Q. You've had some mixed results on drives before the half. What went right on this one that got you the field goal?

COACH KELLY: I think our guys know what we want to do. We had coverage that we could get the ball out of bounds on the sideline. We had an interesting scenario there when they said his knee was down and then they told us there was a ten-second runoff, so we had to use our timeout at that point in time.

We would have liked to have saved it if he was out of bounds and we have an extra time out and we are in good shape. Then our guys have to learn how to -- we practice it all the time, how to operate without a time-out. I thought they did a really good job and we got that last one to Coop [WR Riley Cooper] to get us into a better field goal range; that was huge for us. When you defer, you're trying to score points at the end of the first half and then trying to score in the beginning of the second half. So you're trying to get in that dual situation there, so that was good for us.

Q. Where is Agholor compared to where you expected him to be at this point? He had a big touchdown catch, but still had a couple of drops.

COACH KELLY: I mean, he's in a good spot. I think you want him to -- obviously you'd like everybody to make every catch and do everything but I thought he made a really big play for us. He missed a really good portion in there with that high ankle sprain. That's difficult for a skill player to come back from. It's a little bit easier for our offensive and defensive lineman to come back from that injury, but because of how those guys have to change and move direction, I think he's still getting his feet underneath him. But thank goodness he was there. That was a heck of a catch on the post route for a touchdown.

Q. Are you seeing more consistency with the team overall?

COACH KELLY: Well, yeah. I think they are playing better in all three phases. There are still a lot of things we have to correct and we have to clean up, but against two good opponents, to come out with two W's here, you're in December and you're 2-0 in December. But, I told the guys the same thing in the locker room, we have to get some sleep and get ready to go because we have a really good Arizona team coming back in here next Sunday.

Q. How much of that do you think is attributed to Bradford coming back?

COACH KELLY: I think it's everybody. Every single guy on our team practiced last week. We had nobody limited, nobody was -- everybody was up. Nobody DNP'd [did not participate]. When you get to this point in time in the season, when you get not only the ten on your practice squad, but the 53 active guys, we have everybody practicing right now. That means everybody in really good health. We don't have to say, 'Hey, let's try to get this guy to the game on Sunday.' We can really train, and I think our strength and conditioning staff has done a really good job with our training staff on that.

So I think it is all of those guys, having them all back I think is really helpful. Getting [RB] Ryan Mathews was big for us and obviously I said earlier, I think Sam is playing really, really well right now.

Q. What was the plan for the running backs?

COACH KELLY: To play all four and that [running backs coach] Duce [Staley] was going to rotate them.

Q. Was the plan to limit RB Ryan Mathews at all because he had not played?

COACH KELLY: No, we just knew we had four healthy backs and we were going to try to use them. We knew we didn't have to run anybody into the ground today because we have depth at that position.

Q. There was an interception on the throw to TE Brent Celek inside the five. In the replays it looked like the ball hit the ground. Did you get any further explanation on that play?

COACH KELLY: I just got that they couldn't overrule it. They don't really give you an explanation. They just tell you that they couldn't overrule it.

Q. You spent a lot of this past week answering questions about stuff that is not related to what happens on the field. Did you feel like, at any point, it became a distraction for the team and if so how do you think they responded?

COACH KELLY: No, I mean, I just -- a lot of it to me is tabloid journalism that they just tried to stir things up but it didn't affect us. I mean, we were playing the Buffalo Bills and a really well coached team by [Bills Head Coach] Rex Ryan that has a lot of really good players. But when people want to make up false stories about me calling someone during the week and them hanging up on me, I just think people are trying to get Twitter hits and things like that and make themselves significant when stuff doesn't happen.

Q. So you didn't call Bills RB LeSean McCoy this week?

COACH KELLY: No, I never called McCoy this week. I think it was the Inquirer, is that you?

Q. Yeah.

COACH KELLY: Thanks guys.

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