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Game Vs. Bills: Eagles Defense

Eagles Defensive Coordinator Bill Davis 

On the play of Bills RB LeSean McCoy:

"Shady was going to make a play, you knew that. They were going to hand it to him enough times that sooner or later he was going to pop out of there. They had two big runs, including one for a touchdown from the 20-yard line. Shady is a great back, so we did a nice job of running to the ball. Our tackling was where it needed to be today. They had a lot of rushing attempts. If you take away the quarterback runs, it's probably about where you can keep a team that majors in the run. I thought [Bills QB] Tyrod [Taylor] did a great job passing today. I don't think he gets enough credit for the passing part of what he does. He has the ability to run and make plays on third down, so that's always a hassle because you have to spy him and change that up on him. It was great to get a win and I thought the guys did a nice job, especially at the end defending the two-minute drive."

On the responsibility of S Ed Reynolds on the final Buffalo drive that resulted in an interception:

"He's the post safety. He's just taking an angle over the top of a vertical ball."

On the read of Reynolds on the play that resulted in an interception:

"We're leaning over the top of [Bills WR Sammy Watkins] on that one, but we have to see the ball thrown, his shoulder, and the intention of the quarterback. On the second one, he took a great angle."

On whether Buffalo's offensive line struggled to block DE Fletcher Cox:

"I think so. I think they struggled with him like everybody has struggled to block him. He's having a great year, and I hope he gets rewarded for it."

On the game plan defensively to stop Buffalo's offense:

"The run game was absolutely key because that's what they want to be and we knew they would emphasize it. Then we had to take away Watkins. Those were the two things that we tried to do with our calls and we knew Tyrod with his mobility was going to be challenge. Do you blitz more? Do you blitz less? Where do you give your help? We moved it around."

On whether LB Kiko Alonso played one of his better games of the season:

"I think so. Without looking at the tape, it felt like Kiko did a nice job."

On the play of rookie DB Eric Rowe:

"It's nice to see him grow a little bit if we can get him through this ankle injury or whatever keeps tweaking him. It's nice to see him get out there and compete and his confidence grows every week."

On whether Buffalo targeted Rowe fewer times than New England did last week:

"You'd have to ask them. But I think Eric is getting better every week."

On the play of the defense on third down:

"Guys made some plays. On the third downs they converted, they ran for a couple from the quarterback spot and we just had different breakdowns in different areas. We tried to change some of the coverages that we've been showing on third down, and today some of them worked and some of them didn't." 

On Reynolds making an adjustment that resulted the game-clinching interception:

"Ed's exciting to be around because it's not too big for him and he's a very good student of the game. He studies it hard, he learned from that first one, and it was good to see."

On the strategy entering the game in terms of trying to contain LeSean McCoy:

"We were trying to keep him inside the numbers. We know Shady makes most of his big plays outside of the numbers, so we were trying to keep him inside to where we could make the plays with the bigger guys."

On whether he liked the matchup of Fletcher Cox against Bills G Richie Incognito entering the game:

"Fletcher on anybody is a matchup we like. You could see Incognito was getting frustrated a couple of times and there were penalties happening. We move him around anyway to see what he likes, but he doesn't care. He says to put him on anybody and he'll be fine."

On whether the Tampa Bay and Detroit games seem like a long time ago:

"I don't even remember those games."

Eagles S Ed Reynolds

On the feeling of coming up with the interception that sealed the victory:

"It felt great. As a defensive backfield, we pride ourselves on being able to go up and get the ball. I felt like I should have made more plays earlier on like the fade they scored on early in the game. I told those guys after that play that that one was on me and I'm going to make all the rest of them. The play came to me, and I went up and got the ball."

On being in the right position on coverage on Buffalo's final drive:

"It's always about preparation throughout the week and making sure you put yourself in that position multiple times before you actually get there. It's great being around these guys in our defensive backfield. We've got some older guys who have been there and done that and have won Super Bowls. I just try to take from them all that I can and go out and make the plays that come my way."

On building on the momentum from consecutive wins:

"We're taking every week as 1-0 and trying to make it to the next week. This is the final stretch and the last quarter of the season, so it's good for us to keep this momentum going. We'll celebrate this win and then come Tuesday, we'll get ready for Arizona."

On coming up with an interception at a crucial point in the game:

"I don't really care about situations. Just getting a pick is huge. In that situation, we go over that same scenario every week. When we call bingo, all we have to do is get the ball, get down, get the offense the ball, and we win the game. It's all about putting yourself in those positions more than once, and we do that, so it was great."

Eagles DE Fletcher Cox

On the play of Bills RB LeSean McCoy:

"In the first quarter, he bounced a few back and in the first half he bounced a few back. He does what Shady does. He makes you miss and he runs the ball."

On the conversation that it appeared he was having with McCoy after McCoy pushed him:

"There was no conversation. I don't know what happened. We moved onto the next play."

On McCoy pushing his hand away after a play early in the game:

"We won the football game. That's the most important thing. What happened in that game is done. We have to get ready to practice on Tuesday."

On McCoy running off the field and not shaking hands following the game:

"I don't know what happened. I didn't see him run off the field. I was over celebrating with my teammates. It was awesome and we enjoyed it."

On whether the defense took it as a personal challenge to stop McCoy and ruin his homecoming:

"Why would you take it personally? If you take anything personally, you have a problem. You have to enjoy this game every day."

On people starting to recognize him for his play:

"It's really nice to be recognized. But you know that I'm more of a team guy. It's not about me. It's the other ten guys that I'm on the field with and go to battle with every week."

On the play in which McCoy was tackled for a 10-yard loss:

"It was a big play for our team. To get that big tackle for a loss right there was big and the momentum switched and everybody went crazy in the stands."

On facing one of the top guards in the league in Bills G Richie Incognito:

"I love going against the greatest guys in the league. It gives me a chance to go out and show what I can do against great players. I love it and I always look forward to the challenge."

Eagles CB Eric Rowe

On how big it was for the defense to hold the Bills on their final two drives:

"It was huge. It shows our mental toughness. We gave up a few third downs where we would obviously like to have gotten off the field, but when the game came down to it, nobody was thinking about that. We just wanted to make a play and end the game. We got that big play and came away with a victory."

On how his ankle is feeling:

"Ankle is alright. It just got caught in the grass and I kind of rolled it."

On whether he was able to build some confidence in his game today:

"Yeah, when I was manned up against [Bills WR Sammy Watkins], I felt like I did a pretty decent job not letting him get over my head. I mean, he did catch a couple of comebacks, but that is not going to lose us the game. It did build my confidence going into next week." 

Eagles S Malcolm Jenkins

On what changed with the defense late in the game that they were able to hold off the Bills offense:

"I think the field position was huge. Our punt team kept setting us up. It seemed like they were up against their end zone a lot. We got negative plays early in those drives. We put them in some third and longs. They had a few third down conversions and it felt like we couldn't get off the field for a second, then we were able to get them in those long situations, we got off the field. That is what happened."

On how big of a win this is:

"Every win is huge. To put two in a row, at this time of year, in December, we are trying to separate ourselves. We are jockeying for position. Every win is huge."

On whether it is too early to say that this defense is starting to come together:

"At this point, I don't think that anyone is caught up in statistics. We are just fighting for wins. We look at our film and see that our defense has been good enough to get some wins. We will correct things here and there. Today we gave up 20 points, which is more than we want to give up, but we were playing against guys that get paid, too. They made some plays and fought back. We got stops when we needed them."

On what has changed with the defense the past few weeks:

"I think it's a combination of a lot of different things. We are healthier than we have been in the past. Some of the leadership has started to develop. You are starting to hear some more of the players' voices. It is becoming more of a player-driven team. I think we are just playing better football. Our units are complementing each other. Special teams played lights out today. They were helping the defense and the offense. The defense is getting stops when we need them and the offense is extending drives and putting up more points than they have all season. When those things come together, you give yourself a good chance to win."

Eagles LB Brandon Graham

On how he is feeling now, compared to how he felt after the Detroit game:

"Shoot, I know we have a ways to go. We have to finish these last three games. We are going to enjoy this one for a second and then it's all on Arizona. They are coming in at 11-2 and feeling good. Hopefully, we can get that at home. These next couple of games are going to be tough. I see Washington won today. It's up for grabs. It's how you want it."

On hitting Bills RB LeSean McCoy hard in the fourth quarter:

"Man, that is what I said. We know him a little too well and we know he is not trying to cut back inside. So, I held true to what we studied and I shot outside and happened to hit him. It felt good. You usually don't get too many good shots on McCoy."

On shutting McCoy down in the second half:

"I think we had to respect a guy like that. He's good. We knew coming in that they were going to run the ball. He made some plays and once we adjusted - the adjustments were that we needed to stop overrunning stuff. McCoy is the cutback king. Once we stayed true and played assignment football, that is what helped us out a lot." 

On the play of Eagles DE Fletcher Cox today:

"I think he played well. He always plays well. I am just happy that he got that sack. I was like, here he goes. That was the start of it. I think Fletch is a guy, who helps out a whole lot. He's a brick wall on our side. I can trust that I can funnel things back to him. We just play off each other."

Eagles LB Connor Barwin

On penalties hurting Buffalo from sustaining their second-half offensive drives:

"They don't want to be in that situation offensively where they have to drop back and throw the ball. We have up a couple of third downs in the third quarter, but we made some adjustments and we were very sound in the fourth. We just did our job and made plays to get off the field"

On Buffalo RB LeSean McCoy leaving the field without shaking hands:

"I have no problem with LeSean. I talked to him during the game and he was very focused the whole game. He played well and he's obviously one of the best backs in the league. He's a tremendous competitor. They didn't win, and he's probably pretty disappointed about the game."

On whether he sensed the Eagles defense was frustrating McCoy during the game:

"Maybe a couple of times, but I felt LeSean was really focused the entire game and I thought he played well. They brought in big people, and we went and put some big people in the box. He made some big plays on us, but for the most part we were able to keep him contained."

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