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Game Vs. Bengals: Locker Room Offense

WR Jeremy Maclin

On losing like this after such a big win last week: "It's frustrating not to be able to come through and get a win. Turnovers killed us today. I felt like everything happened so fast. I felt like we were in control of the game and then everything just went downhill."

On his fumble on the second play of the game: "I have to take care of the ball. I tried to get out of there and the defender made a good play."

On what happened after the team took the lead: "Turnovers killed us. You can't keep putting the defense inside of the 30-yard line. Eventually an NFL team is going to score on you. This was on the offense and special teams today."

On whether turnovers are caused by mental lapses: "I wouldn't say that every time. It's certainly a possibility that could be part of it. Sometimes it just happens. Obviously, you have to take extra care of the ball. I think Nick wants to take his interception back. It's always hard to ask a defensive lineman to catch a popup on a kickoff return. The other one, (TE) Clay (Harbor) caught it and it was bang bang. (RB Bryce Brown) had the one with the quarterback exchange and then me on the second play of the game. You can't do that and win games."

On the emotion of winning a big game last week and coming out and losing a tough game this week: "The one thing that you can take from this game was that we understand exactly why we lost the game. It's simple, we turned the ball over. We spotted them 10 points and then after that, they couldn't stop us. We stopped ourselves inside the red zone twice. We would like to turn those into touchdowns. The offense had momentum and the defense was getting to the quarterback. Like I said, that third quarter, it happened so quickly."

On whether this was one of the most embarrassing losses of the season: "Every loss is embarrassing. There is no such thing as an okay loss."

RB Bryce Brown

On his fumble tonight: "Everything happened so fast. I know right at the exchange I was getting hit. It was tough there. They got penetration as I started going downhill. He could have hit Nick or he could have hit me."

On whether he thinks he is going to find something that he could have done differently on the fumble after looking at the tape: "I have to look at it. From what everyone was telling me, there was not much that I could have done. I will go back and assess that."

On whether he looked up at the defense when he should have been watching the ball into his hands on the exchange: "We are never looking at the ball during the exchange. That is something we never do. We always look up and stay on track."

On whether it felt like everything was going against them at the end of the third quarter: "Everything happened so fast. We were up and then the next thing you knew we were down big. This was a rough loss. We hate to lose like that. Any competitor would."

On whether he feels like they lost the momentum after the Tampa win last week: "I thought things were going good, but turnovers and penalties cost us. It's hard to come back from that."

On how he bounces back from fumbles and whether it is a mental thing: "I don't know because I have never had this problem before. I think I actually did well with ball security today. I thought I did great except for that one time and there was not much I could have done there."

On whether he thinks that he has had problems fumbling because he has not played much over the past few years: "I honestly don't know. It could be that, but I don't think that's an excuse. Last game I did a great job of ball security. Something like this happens. I looked up and the guy was in my face, hitting me before the exchange."

On whether he believes he is running to the outside too much: "I do what I do, see what I see and try to make plays. We just have to make adjustments. They did a great job of containing the outside and we got a few good inside runs."

On whether he was seeing a lot of 7 and 8 man fronts: "Yeah, there was a whole lot of that."

TE Clay Harbor

On how the game changed after the turnovers started to pile up: "It was a little snowball effect right there. Snowball effect, fumbles. As far as for me, I have to tuck the ball in. That was a big play. We were only down two scores at that point. It would have been a nice play if it got us out there on the right direction. I just have to hang on to that."

On whether the stretch of turnovers in the second half was reflective of how the season has been going: "I can agree with that because it just seems like, in the game, things were looking well, we were playing well, and then one thing happens and it snowballs on us. We put the defense in some really tough spots there and they did a good job. We just have to be tougher mentally and fight through those spells like that."

On getting banged up in the game: "I caught a ball by the red zone in the first half and I kind of got hit in the back and my back just locked up. It was pretty bad after that. It was really hard to move or do too much after that, but I wanted to fight through it for my teammates and with (TE) Brent (Celek) being out. I had to play."

WR Jason Avant

On having control of the game and then suddenly it falls apart: "It's been the story of the whole year. It's been that type of thing going on and we were not protecting the football. It always gets you beat no matter where you are, no matter what the situation it is. We've been fortunate to be able to stay in some of these games in which we have turned the ball over in."

On why turnovers continue to happen for this team, especially with the emphasis head coach Andy Reid places on that: "It's just a negligence by the players. It's definitely not the coaches. The coaches are doing everything. We have fumble drills going on at practice. We have everything going on with that stuff, protecting the football and all that kind of stuff. It's a lack of attention. On the players' part, it's just something we have to do. The coaches yell until we're red in the face, but if the players don't take it serious enough, it's not going to keep happening."

On how the younger players can be made accountable so that they can learn that turnovers cannot continue to trouble this team: "You have to talk to the coach about that. It has to be a bigger sense not just yourself, but of the organization. When you're carrying the football, you're representing the Eagles' fans, Mr. (Jeffrey) Lurie and the coaching staff. I think it has to become more than just about 'you' and when you carry that football, you represent a whole bunch of people and I don't think that we have that mindset all of the time."

On the feeling amongst the players after losing again on national television: "I was thoroughly embarrassed tonight. I don't care if there was no cameramen there or if we were playing over at the University of Penn—That type of thing that happened tonight was embarrassing wherever you are, even if you're in the sandlot. So, never mind that it was on a national stage, it was just not good football that happened tonight—It just wasn't good."

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