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Game Vs. Bengals: Head Coach Marvin Lewis

Opening Remarks: "It was a tale of about three football games there today. First quarter, we did things the way we need to. Second quarter, we did nothing but get in our own way. Got penalities and the things that killed us. Came back in the third and fourth quarter and were able to take the ball away on defense and get back in control of the game. That was a good job. So, good job today in the running game and things offensively but not as good in the protection. Didn't have very good protection today and we've got to get better at that. That was kind of what led to our demise, particularly in the second and third quarter that allowed them to take the ball away on defense."

On how important it was to come back and win in a short week after a loss last week: "Well, we realize what's at stake. So, I think we looked at each other with thirty minutes to go and we were down and we knew we had to go put football plays together. We hurt ourselves with the penalties and the things in the first and into the second quarter both offensively, defensively and so forth. We allowed some third down conversions in the second quarter on defense and we put ourselves at risk."

On CB Leon Hall's interception: "It was a good play to kind of turn the game around, get in scoring position. We went down and scored and that was big. Those are the things you've got to do and we have to keep making plays that way."

On whether the defense picked the team up: "Well, we needed to. Sometimes it's the offense. Sometimes it's the defense but we were able to get things going with the turnovers today and they were a big part of the game."

On how much the injury on FB Chris Pressley changed the game: "We had to redirect some things at half time and we came out in the second half and got some things redirected on offense. We had probably a little more in the game plan today than we would have some weeks so we had to wait until we got in here at half time and redirect some things and get (TE) Orson (Charles) going and it was good. Orson came out and did a great job as the fullback there for us. It kind of reduces your sheet for a bit until we could get it put together and get on the same page."

On how significant Pressley's injury is: "A little bit but I don't like to speculate."

On how much he will let the team celebrate before they need to focus on the next game: "Well, we've got nothing to celebrate. We'll just move forward. They've got some time to recharge themselves and get ready to go. They've got some time to take and get ourselves ready to get going for Pittsburgh."

On how close this team is to being where he wants them to be: "I like this football team. I don't like how we play sometimes but I like our football team. I wouldn't' trade them for anybody's. We just have to keep playing smart and do the things we do. I believe we caught a punt today on the 1-yard line but we just try so doggone hard sometimes we just get in our own way. Those are the kind of things that you don't want to do. So, that said, we have a lot to coach off of obviously, a lot of corrections to make. We can't have the penalties. We can't have the things we had today, three offsides on defense and then the holding penalties on offense and so forth. They did a good job today of coming in here and catching the ball, though. That's what killed us last week. In a lot of ways, we did a lot of better things. We just have to keep going and we are who we are. We're going to bite, fight and scratch every time we come out here."

On how he feels about being 8-6: "Well, I like the situation with the fact that we control us. That's all we can ask for here in December is that we control what we can do and take care of business and we'll be where we want to be. We've got an opportunity to keep playing and win January. We want to win December and then we want to go win January."

On how he explains a team that was 1-7 two years ago on the road and has won 10 of its last 17 road games: "You guys keep track of all that stuff and I keep track of each Sunday one at a time. So, I can't figure it out. I do know that we show mental toughness and today we were able to put the first ten behind us and move forward and that's what we have to just keep doing, keep doing, keep doing. They did a good job today."

On how he plans to correct the penalties: "We have to play smarter. We have to move our feet and can't get ourselves in bad position where the fouls were occurring. Those are the things we have to continue to keep looking at and so forth and coaching. We knew those would be called closely out here today."

On whether all penalties bother him or just specific ones: "Dumb pre-snap penalties are very bad because they're selfish penalties. They're discipline penalties. You're not taking care of your business. Or we had three or four offsides today. (DE) Carlos (Dunlap) has a personal foul when he's free to the quarterback. You have to be smarter than that. You know better than that. Those are the things that you play going forward that will get us beat and we can't do those things."

On how he felt RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis did today: "Benny did a good job with things. Benny doesn't block anybody and we've got to keep blocking him and doing the things we do." (jokingly)

On whether that second quarter was one of the worst he has ever seen: "It mirrored some of our third quarters this year." (jokingly)

On the pass protection: "We'll take a look at it."

On how much the loss of Pressley impacted the game: "Again, we had some things personnel-wise today that affected us a little bit. Like I said earlier, at halftime we were able to put some things together that kind of got us straightened out and going."

On how OT Andrew Whitworth is doing: "I think he's fine. He was talking to us awhile so I guess we'll go through the protocol."

On how much of an advantage it is that the team has ten days to prepare: "We don't have ten days. We don't prepare for ten days. We will have a normal week for Pittsburgh and that will be great. It won't be a three-day week. It will be a 5-day, 6-day week so that will be great for us."

How much of an advantage it will be to have three days off: "It's a good advantage for our players to get themselves to regroup. They've been grinding and stuff so they have the chance to regroup and refresh and come back ready to go."

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