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Game vs. Bengals: Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening comments: "As far as injuries go, DeSean Jackson has a nose contusion, (Brian) Dawkins a lower leg contusion and (Victor) Abiamiri a contusion. I've never been in a tie before, but I know it's not a win. Compliments go to the Bengals. I have to be able to put the players in better position. We have to be able to pitch and catch a little better, run the ball a little better, and continue to play solid defense. We have to do the right things on special teams. We didn't do a very good job and that starts with me. I have to make sure I get this in order."

You're sincere when you talk about putting the guys in a better position. What has to change to turn this around?"Everybody has a little piece of the pie, and we all have to do our jobs better. I wish I could point one finger at it. I'm going to point the main finger at me, and everyone else has to pick up and do their job a little better."

You said for a while that you know what you have to do. Are you still sure about it? "I feel like I'm sure. I'm not proving it to you, I know, but I do feel like I'm sure. We just have to do it. I could stand up here and answer your questions and talk about it, but that's not doing anybody any good."

Donovan McNabb's numbers have eroded the last couple of weeks. Is there anything physical going on that you're aware of? "No, not anything other than being sore from the season. I don't think there's anything there."

How concerned are you to see the way he struggled out there today?"You just have games like that. It's a point where everyone else around him helps him out and picks up any slack that's there."

It's not usually your style, but do you feel like there's a shakeup that you need to make? "I'll look at it, but I can't pinpoint it right now."

The short-yardage problems continued today, and on most of them you decided to throw .."The one we threw on got blocked. We had too many balls blocked. You can't do that. We can't have that."

What's happening there? "Guys jump, and they shouldn't be able to do that. We have to keep the pressure on them and not allow that to happen."

Why do you think that you haven't been able to put an offensive game and a defensive game together? "We need to do that. That's a legitimate question to ask, and one that I'm trying to find an answer for. We need to put one together for a full game. If we could only do that, we'd be all right."

Are you angry that you didn't get out of here with a win or do you feel lucky that you got out of here with what you got?"I'm disappointed. We had opportunities, and we need to take advantage of them. We need to play football, coach, create. I'm very disappointed that we didn't get it done."

Is it possible to have an effective offense when you only run for about five yards in the first half? "We didn't run very effectively today, so we have to do a better job there."

You had a fourth-and-one with about a minute and a half left in overtime. Were you tempted at all to go for it? "I was tempted. I did what I thought we had to do there."

Did you think about taking the wind rather than the first possession in overtime?"No. The wind was a crosswind. That wasn't the problem with the punting. They were punting and kicking both ways nicely. It was a crosswind and with that you have to take the football."

You always preach that every opponent in this league is dangerous. This is a 1-8 team though ... "I really felt good coming in about the way the team practiced and the way they were before the game. I thought we were ready to roll. Sometimes things don't go the way you want them, and you have to work through it. That's where we can do a better job. If we're off, we have to get back on and get back on fast."

Do you worry if the relationship between players and coaches could become strained if they're not seeing practice translate to the field in terms of wins?"I think the answer to that is everyone has a little piece of it and everybody better pull together and do a better job. Then you don't end up in a tie here. That's what I think."

These weeks are so precious ..."It's time to go right now. I've never been in a tie, so I don't know how this works in the standings. I know it's not good enough. We need wins and this is not a win."

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