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Game Vs. Bears: QB Michael Vick

On the pressure of the Bears' defense: "First off, I need to take my hat off to the Chicago Bears' defense. They did a great job with their scheme. I feel like we had opportunities, but we didn't take advantage of them. I think the turning point in the game was the turnover on the two-yard line. We make that play, and I think it's a different ballgame. You know, it's hindsight now; we have to move forward, have to move on. But, we have to play better, starting with me."

On being upset after the turnover: "I had a lot of options on that play. I could have went strong side to Brent Celek – I went back side. I could have pulled it in and ran it; so many things other than the turnover. I solely take responsibility for that. I have to be better in the red zone. I have to get better in red zone efficiency and get more touchdowns than field goals. I think that's been the biggest thing for us the last couple of weeks, of not capitalizing in the red zone. So, we definitely have to work on that."

On what the Bears were doing in the red zone: "Nothing out of the ordinary. We just beat ourselves. Plays that we can make, we just don't make them. And, I think when we go back and watch the film, we'll see so many opportunities that we had that we didn't capitalize on, and we just have to get better, starting with me."

On how taking away the deep ball changes things in their offense: "It doesn't change anything that we're doing because we have so many other alternatives in our offense. I mean, we still moved the ball down the field each possession. We do a great job of doing that. So, when you take it all away, we still play smart football. We still put the ball in a position where we can score. We just don't score."

On Cutler's ability to move from the pocket to make plays down the field: "Jay did a great job with his feet - moving – and made plays down the field, kept his eyes down the field, and kept us off of the field. You know, if you do that, then, you really give yourself a good opportunity to win the football game."

On the interception being the momentum swing of the game: "That interception was just deflating to us as a team. When you have the opportunity to go up – whether it's by six points or by two, if we get a field goal – then, you're up, and momentum swings back your way. But, when you have the interception, it just changes the momentum of the game, and like I said, it was very deflating."

On the toughness of this loss: "It's always tough when you lose. I hate to lose. It makes me sick. It makes me ill. But, you're not going to win every game. And, I know that, but, we're definitely going to win more than we lose."

On him noticing teams trying to take away his running the past few games: "I can always run when I want to. I just try to keep my eyes downfield and move the ball in the passing game and try to keep guys involved and take the hits off of me. You know, it's just me playing in the system, and doing what I can to keep guys active and in tune with the game."

On him getting hit a lot the last couple of weeks: "It does not have any affect at all on me. After this game, I felt better than I have the last three. So, body wise, I feel good. I just got to go back and correct the small things. It's a short week, so we have to forget about this one, have a short-term memory, and move on."

On the difficulty of moving on from this game: "It is difficult to move on, but you have to do it. You can't go back and play the game again. It's hindsight now. We have to move forward, and you can't dwell on the past. And, like I said, short term memory is going to be very important for this football team."

On whether he should have tried to run the football a little bit more: "I'll have to go back and watch the film. Usually, I do everything on feel. So, if I do take off and run with the ball, it's because somebody is not open, or because we have some slip up in protection… So, I really can't say that I should have run the football more, because I'll have to watch the film. One thing that you can't do in this league is try to predetermine what you're going to do before the ball is snapped, because then you're in trouble. So, you just have to be instinctive and let things happen."

On if teams are trying to take away DeSean Jackson: "Well, they are trying to take away the deep ball, and they've been doing a fairly good job of doing that. The thing we have to do is try to figure out what we can do and do it better. We'll get him going again. He just can't get frustrated. He has to understand that there are professionals on the other side of the ball, too. And, we have some good coaches, and we're going to make it work."

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