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Game Vs. Bears: QB Donovan McNabb

On the missed opportunities: "I thought throughout the course of the game we had things under control. There were opportunities that I thought we missed. But when you get in that red area, you have to take full advantage and punch it in. And, we just didn't do that today."

Were you surprised you didn't attempt a pass on the goal line series?: "No, not necessarily. Once again, there were opportunities and we didn't capitalize on any of them. When you see those kinds of holes that were opening up, you kind of try to go back to them. You take your hat off to them; they did a great job with the four-down stand. Their defense did a great job at the right time, I guess."

Was your injury a part of the reason a sneak wasn't called on the goal line?: "It's easy to say that right now, but I don't think so. I'm always willing to do whatever it takes to help the team win. If the sneak would have been called, I would have been more than willing to do it. You know, when you get to that situation – no matter what play is called – you have to execute, and we didn't."

How do you get this team to bounce back after a loss like this?: "We've done this recently. When we had our loss to the Cowboys, we bounced back to a tough Pittsburgh team. I think we have to have that same mentality this week. Even though it's a short week, I think we need to be able to put everything behind you, learn from your mistakes, and watch the film, come out Tuesday and Wednesday and try to go out with a different mindset. I think it's important to get the veterans to try and lead so that the others can see that you have to have a short term memory in this league. We know that we had some opportunities that we didn't capitalize on in this game and just correct those next week."

Does playing Chicago have any extra meaning having grown up here?: "For me, right now, it's just another stadium of a team on the schedule that we have to play. I think early in your career to come back home is a wonderful feeling, and you kind of get caught up in it a little bit. But, at this particular point in my career, it's just a team on the schedule that we have to go out and execute and win. You tip your hat off to them for a great effort, but, for us we move on and get ready for Washington."

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